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09 Mar 2008 - 01:151939
wig help need ^_^
hello ive decide i need to get a wig for my vinny cosplay even though i have long black hair its not anime styled XD and dose not look like that character.
after talking to some of my cosplay friends they inform me my cosplay would be greatly improved with a wig.
so here i am look for a wig lols
Ok i fount this one on Ebay and was wondering if i could have your opinions on it if you think it be grate for vinny styled hair?

Picture of said wig ^_^

picture of Vincent Valentine

also as Im asking about vinny mite as well ask your opinions on this wig also

im doing this guy from bleach

picture of character here:

and here one of the wigs im thing of using

it would be a grate help to me if you could tell me if theses wigs are suited or not.
thank you for any help you can give me and if you think you've seen a much more suited wig for the character listed above please could you link it to this thread.

Thank you x



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09 Mar 2008 - 01:251940
well i can say Professional Only is a good choice! i get all my wigs from their

the long will cum just as shown lol mayb a bit longer lol

the short hair version may look slightly or very scruffy wen first put on but i sure a lil styling will fix that!... thats due to being squished for like 1-2 weeks in the post lol

09 Mar 2008 - 02:291941
kool thanks ^_^

do you think i be able to style thses wig in to those charaters hair stlyes?

09 Mar 2008 - 19:211948
yeah i sure you can style them with some hair gel their soft and silky just like real hair but not real hair lol

the longest you dont tangle it too much like chucking it into a washing machine then you should be fine lol

05 Apr 2008 - 22:362256
Whenever styling a wig you want to avoid gel as it reacts with the natural oils in human hair and thus is pretty useless on a wig, stick to really decent hairspray (which keeps softness, I suggest BedHead's range 'hard head' ) and Hair glue (for example: Got2BGlued).

But the wigs looks fine (:

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