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12 Feb 2010 - 23:1227220
Kuroshitsuji group at midlands 20th Feb

I'm kinda new to the whole scene but i noticed a few people were doing Kuroshitsuji and wondered if its a group piece and i could tag along. I have never been to a UK con yet and i really want to get into cosplaying a lot more. Only sorta cosplaying i have done was a shoot in Japan and going to comiket convention there too and it was so much fun.

I am coming as Lau to this event =D

12 Feb 2010 - 23:2927221
Hello ^^ *wave*

I can't wait too see you there He's awesome XD
Can I get a photo of us both? ^^ I have a grell and Sebatian who are following me around as Ciel XD So if you spot us come poke us! We will get photos We friendly lol

13 Feb 2010 - 14:1127231
Haha of course. Lau's always avaliable for photo's haha. I just need to fix my wig tbh which will be fun but be awesome can't wait. Haha thats cool then all the more fun can't wait its gunna be fun ^^

14 Feb 2010 - 09:2927248
Hi there. Yes I hope to be going as the Undertaker. Reaper version if its finished in time if not it will be his classic version since that is more or less complete. I would love to get the reaper version finished as I would love to wear the outfit as it looks so comfy. I wo9uld be up for some group photos.

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