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11 Feb 2010 - 14:3327127
Wig Help!
So, in May I'm cosplaying Asura from Soul Eater:

The easiest way for me to do this, I think is to glue the wig and paint the white parts on BUT, I have no idea what sort of glue or paint I would need.


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11 Feb 2010 - 15:0727128
I always use fructis manga head putty but you've also got got2b and hairspray if that's what you prefer.
I would shape the spikes then depending on how you want it, use either acrylic paint (stays fairly flexible so you won't end up with rock hard parts) or white wig fibres similar to how I make the bolt on Freakazoid. Both work well but give very different effects so it'd be what you'd prefer the end result to look like.

11 Feb 2010 - 15:2127130
the white wig fibres look rather good actually, where did you get them/make them?

This is my first with doing anything remotely radical to a wig. Lol.

I use mangahead on most of my other wigs and it does work fairly well.

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11 Feb 2010 - 15:3627131
I just used off cuts from another white wig I had. You can buy white wefts in most accessory shop. Primark, Claire's etc all sell the clip in extensions which come in white and are ideal to use. You can also get them from cosworx, Dr Locks, ebay and some local online stores that sell extensions though getting them from an accessory is likely to be cheaper for the amount you'll need.
I use PVA to shape them and just let them dry, then trim and glue them onto the base wig.

11 Feb 2010 - 15:4827133
Thank you very much for the help :]

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