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10 Feb 2010 - 19:1927071
Binding help!!!
I need advice on the best way to bind. I'm a D cup and want to look accurate as I'm doing mostly male cosplays but I also want to be comfortable and not pass out from lack of breathing any tips?

10 Feb 2010 - 19:2127072
I'd speak to Sephirayne she does chest binders shes a clever cookie. Or go to T-kingdom, they do some good ones.

10 Feb 2010 - 21:5127081
This topic comes up rather a lot- mods is it possible for us to make a sticky topic so people see it when they're on the forum? I know we have a crossplay tutorial on the article section of the site, but people don't tend to see it.

The most recent topic was here:



10 Feb 2010 - 22:3927089
Hi NekoSparky. I've sent you a pm.

14 Feb 2010 - 02:4327247
I recently came across a neat little tip, that is a lot cheaper/safer than T-Kingdom compression shirts or bandages. It was... brace yourself... a Leotard. Apparently it is very good for people D cup +, and is obviously comfortable to move around in, as it's meant for dancers. ^_^


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14 Feb 2010 - 11:2927260
Thanks for all the tips guys. I guess I just gotta try different methods to see what works for me.

16 Feb 2010 - 21:2427372
I've used a unitard before (basically a leotard with legs) and cha it works wonders. But I've bought http://www.t-kingdom.com/shopping/english/page690_english.shtml because I cosplay guys mainly, and I've not had a single issue with it. I'm a 38 C/D cup and that fits me comfortably. And gives me pecs ;p

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