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09 Jul 2010 - 19:4536007
Awesome! Cannot wait to see =3

11 Jul 2010 - 15:3036126

11 Jul 2010 - 17:3836137
yay that day is saved

i got a question, as peace walker big boss i've desided to use my UNIQLO tshirt as the top half of my outfit (mainly so i dont boil to death in under-armour and BDU shirts) in game snake is should not carry his butt pack and ammo packs ect, should i us them any way to add to outfit or not?

11 Jul 2010 - 19:4636146
It is! All I need now is that throat mic and ear piece to arrive but according to the bloke. it will take 3-4 weeks. Joy...

Hmm... I say, if he doesn't wear them in the game (which confuses me as he can carry alot of things around lol) don't wear them with your cosplay =3

Also which UNIQLO shirt you got? I could only afford one so I got the grey one with Snake's face on the back.


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11 Jul 2010 - 20:0036147
i got the grey one with the peace plane logo on the front and a large blue picture of snake (most likely the same one as you Danna) and i got the cream one with the dog tags on the front and a snake picture in an ! mark on the back. i'm thinking of getting some more as £12.99 each i a really good price i think.

11 Jul 2010 - 20:5236151
Yeah you got the same one as me and my g/f (Charlotte-chan)

I want to get more too, I wanna get the BIG BOSS one, £12.99 is a fab price for them.

11 Jul 2010 - 21:2136155
they are nice, i ordered them online as i couldnt make it down to london. i sat online all friday waiting for them to go on sale lol.

also added a picture of my riot shield so far.

12 Jul 2010 - 18:5636217
I got mine at the Kojima signing. Was a good day and too many good ones to decide but I can only afford one lol

Your riot shield is amazing! I'm half way making a cardboard tank box to bring along. X3

12 Jul 2010 - 21:2536230
OMG can't wait too see your tank

13 Jul 2010 - 00:4736233
You guys make me wish I had my Snake/Sorrow/Old Snake done I would love a pic with you though, even if I am dressed as Superman!

14 Jul 2010 - 22:2136347
Quote ryukredapples:
You guys make me wish I had my Snake/Sorrow/Old Snake done I would love a pic with you though, even if I am dressed as Superman!

OMG I didn't know you were going to do the sorrow! I want photos of this when I wear my OD Boss again so we can have it raining with the "Is he crying" line!

Also checked out the video of peacewalker tour - its so awesome it's like we're famous - i'm so happy lol

Looking 4ward to sat now - expect my jacket and trousers are differnt colour olive -_-

14 Jul 2010 - 22:4936348
Awww that's a shame.... =[ It's hard to find the find camo colour at times. I had Olive Darb trousers once. Turned out they're not Olive Darb but more Brown like Liquid's trousers. THEY LIE!! LOL

The video is amazing. Makes me wish there was a Kojima meet every year. Hope he does another one when Rising comes out =D

Update on my cosplay. Almost done. My throat mic and ear piece finally arrived today =D. Just need to tie the shoulder knife on my harness and find olive green material to make bandana. If not I'll use a black one I've got.


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16 Jul 2010 - 13:3736429
Omg the mini tank! Hehe im gonna be bringing my Snake Box with me XP i wrote the monologue that Snake said about how he feels when he is in the box...tis very moving lmao

19 Jul 2010 - 06:0436570
it was cool meeting people at the weekend

what photos did people get ??

time for a bath my feet are killing me lol

19 Jul 2010 - 12:3036581
here we go.....

London Film & Comic Con set

Aotashi - EVA.


19 Jul 2010 - 12:4536583
hi. just sinned up to CI.i met some of u last weekend at lfcc. nice to see some mgs love.

19 Jul 2010 - 12:4636584
It was a great day on the Saturday (only day I went to) I said hello and talked to lhead, Renuckles, Annadill, Aotashi and Zaiburst. However I apologize for not seeing everyone and also missing the photo shoot thing that supposingly happened outside. I had to move about a lot and had to see few people about bits and pieces. So ya. Sorries ^-^;; Still it was great seeing everybody. You all looked sexy awesome! 8D

Also disappointed some peeps for not showing up with the tank box. The reason is... I ran out of paint at the last minute. Don't worry. It will make an appearance. Some day...

As for photos. Loads was taken of me but I could only find 1 of me and it's this one.

I think I'm a bit out gunned there. X3

20 Jul 2010 - 17:4336668
did any1 get a vid of the masquerade by any chance?

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