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08 Feb 2010 - 21:4226912
Keeping my wig on!
I've been having this problem with every wig. I put my wig cap on and then the wig as i've read about in cosplayislands own forum. While the wig is on it slips and so does the wig cap. My hair is short but it's not that shiney but rough. I also have a problem with my wigs. When I put them on the back seems to 'poof' out and makes it look like I have an air bubble in my head and I can't get it to stay flat.
Any help is greatly appriciated x

09 Feb 2010 - 01:0326928
The solution to the slippage depends on the cause really. If its because of the weight of the wig that's pulling it back then you want to anchor it forward with bobby pins or slides. Pinning the netting to your cap or hair will help keep it in place and prevent it from pulling back. If its because its too loose or tight then you'll either need to tighten it with the adjustable hooks at the back, or loosen it by stretching it, putting a few snips in the outer band or adjusting the hooks if its currently hooked up too tight.

For the lump, its likely to be because of you hair. If its gathering at the back or the wig cap could be gathering then you'll need to adjust one or both before putting the wig on. Its a little difficult to give a solution without much info on what could be causing it. If its a ponytailed wig then it could be you'll need to restyle it while on your head as that could be the cause of the buldge if you styled it whille off your head or pulled it out of shape at all.
Other than that there's not much more I can say for either without knowing more or seeing an image of the problem.
Hopefully its helped a little. :3

09 Feb 2010 - 02:0726930
Seph basically said it all. If you have a larger head it can work to not use the clips at the back at all...and vise versa.

Also bobby pins! I put a ton of those in my wig and it stayed on through the whole of space mountain and every other rollercoaster at disneyland!

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