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08 Mar 2008 - 00:011913
I am sooooo new!!!!
Hi everyone, Im Woody,

Im completely new to Cosplay, its always interested me and ive always looked at ads for conventions and soo wanted to go and dress up an be involved but my friends arent the type so I have little support.

I want to meet people who I can go to the London expo with, people near surrey, and I want to dress as RYU from street fighter

Im very self concious until I have friendly support, I hope im in the right place!

My friends would think im a weird but frankly its who I am, I want to be involved!

I hope you can all hope,


08 Mar 2008 - 00:081914
Hello! Welcome to CosplayIsland!

Don't worry about friendly support! Everyone here is so nice and lovely and more than happy to give anyone the support they need when they need it. ^^

I think a lot of people from here go to London Expo, I know I've certainly seen a lot who I end up going: "Ooh! I saw you at Expo doing this" and so on, so like before, lots of people and certainly no need to worry! ^^

And don't worry about your friends thinking you're weird, cosplaying is a super-fun hobby compared to some out there I think. Besides, you'll probably end up making even MORE friends soon, I know I certainly have while being here!

If you need any help with anything everyone around is more than happy to lend a hand, so don't hesitate to just say something - or just hello if you want a chat!

- Monkey

PS: I'm afraid I dunno much about Street Fighter but I know Ryu is very cool! I can't wait to see the cosplay! Yay! hehe.

I'm going to slash your pillow and tear out all the stuffing with a motorbike made of jelly.

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08 Mar 2008 - 11:381918
Echoing the post above. Don't worry about what your friends think, you're sure to have much more fun than them cosplaying anyway. Cosplaying people are very nice anyway, so you're sure to make friends at expos and cons ect.

Ooooo Surrey! I should be moving down there in September time to go to uni! XD

12 Mar 2008 - 20:222018
Sorry for late reply!
Hey guys cheers for the positive feedback, yeh I know I will meet people and stuff so im sure it will all be great when I find my feet.

Surrey uni is pretty cool, im moving up to Chester in October to do my degree.

Anyone going to the San Diego Comic Con? as im passing through San Diego at the time on my travels so I put go for 1 day or something.

p.s sorry for such a late reply, im sure everyone knows what coursework is like!

24 Mar 2008 - 17:462108
Hey dude!

This place is very friendly, and there is a lot of people who go to the London Expo's and other events around the place.

Don't worry about your friends, they might be a little more understanding then you think. I was worried about the people at work, but they think it's actually pretty cool.

They wouldn't do it themselves but they see how much I enjoy it and that shows you have a passion for something. Better then sitting around watching tv and sitting outside Tesco's with cider.

Finally, San Diego Comic Con is suppose to be awesome. I plan on going one day and doing AX and SDCC in one trip.

Good luck, and don't be afraid to get involved!


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