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02 Feb 2010 - 20:0326619
MCM expo May meeting! London kings X
well i know this is kinda early but i thought id post it whilst i was thinking about it, well as the post says its a meet up! on the friday before the may expo at about 11am at londons kings cross so basically all the people who are coming from the north and are staying the night friday. well alot of people might not know their way through the london underground so this is also designed for that purpose to help people get to the expo in one safe journy.
well anyway please comment if you are interested in this idea, if i get enough people i shall make a sign of which i can hold up at the train station for people to spot me! ill decided the sign later on if i get enough people to turn up, people wearing cosplay are welcome as well as non cosplayers, i myslf might be in half casual cosplay. anyway thanks for readdinngggg ! =^.^=

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