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06 Mar 2008 - 17:061882
To fur or not to fur?
Currently I'm contemplating coslpaying as Sadaharu from Gintama:

The only problem being is that I'm unsure of what material to use. There's the option of fur, short or long haired. Then there is the possibility of using fleece. Now in places, Sadaharu's fur looks rather shaggy [tail, chest and cheek area] Then it also looks rather short aswell in others. I was hoping to get some peoples opinions on the material best to use.
Thank you ^_^

06 Mar 2008 - 17:371884
I'd use fur, personally, though if you're on a budget fleece would be much cheaper.

As it's white, you shouldn't have any problems colourmatching, so you might be able to get a long and a short haired fur and use both of them in the appropriate places.

If you do use fur, remember to cut from the back with a craft knife or the tips of scissors so you cut as little of the hair as possible, and comb every seam after you sew it. Do this and your seams end up pretty much invisible.

06 Mar 2008 - 17:591885
For Sadaharu I'd go with a fur over fleece. You see a lot of the time Kagura ruffling his head and it seems to be sorta medium length.

That's what I got from watching the anime, in the manga it seems to be a bit shorter... Sorry, I'm not a fursuiter so I can't offer any real help XD

06 Mar 2008 - 21:381888
Thank you both for your advice! ^_^

Ailsa-chan a mix of both short and longer fur sounds like a good idea. And thank you for the tips on cutting and combing.

And I must agree, Kagura does seem to ruffle his fur alot, so fleece would be to short.

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