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05 Mar 2008 - 17:011865
Latex Querie
I've just started my Jenova cosplay and I have daringly decided to avoid using a bodysuit if possible and have opted for latex instead.

So does anyone have any experience with creating latex prosthetics. Iv ordered latex body paint and am planning on using that for the main bulk of body paint but I would like to create prosthetic parts to cover my boobs and parts of my legs and stomach. I want to make these appear thicket and more wrinkled and be able to add paint details on them. Does anyone know a particularly good brand of latex to use thats ammonia free?

Thank you

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05 Mar 2008 - 19:271867
The only thing i can suggest is from seeing what happened to Takuro's supply of latex from a previous Ayacon - work quickly - as she wound up with a bowlshape of it set around a spoon!

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12 Mar 2008 - 03:232000
Unfortunately I don't know where to get ammonia-free latex, although you mey want to think about using foam latex. Although it's more expensive, I've heard it's stronger, lighter, more flexible and holds detail better.

Yes, I've had some experience making latex prosthetics but it's a looooong explaination so will tell you more when I see you next week lol ;p

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12 Mar 2008 - 09:022001
when are you in bristol next?
there is i shop we can try to get to called Deauphines, they specialise in makeup and wigs and the lady there is really friendly so i'm sure she'll give you advice,

its not particularly cheap but they do sell different types of latex although i'm not sure if its amonia free (they also sell the foam latex mentioned above), they have a website so they may have info in there,

otherwise speak to mike, he loves latex,

12 Mar 2008 - 16:492009
I've always swiped whatever I've used in the past from schools or the makeup department in college >_>; tum tee tum

Charles Fox in Covent Garden, London does Kryolan latex for prosthetics, but I know that they aren't ammonia free ;/

I'm looking for a cheaper supplier too at the moment, so I'll post any findings if I come across them.


12 Mar 2008 - 17:382011

found low ammonia stuff, if u email her she can advise u on where to get some if she cant supply it for you

12 Mar 2008 - 17:462012
oh thank you so much everyone this has been really helpful!

Il take a good look at all the amazing suggestions. What Iv done is actually take a cast of my chest so I can apply the latex onto that and build it up in layers. Im thinking that this way because I wont be applying it directly to my skin when its wet the ammonia shouldnt be such a problem!

thank you so much for the suggestions, il look at all of those brands.

My God. Its full of stars
15 Mar 2008 - 02:492025
It sounds like you've got it covered! Was gonna suggest casting anyway. I think you're right to paint the latex on in layers, you get more detail that way and the 'pour and set' method only seems to work with small pieces. Tried pouring and setting with a larger piece before and the underside didn't dry properly. Result=a huge mess.

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15 Mar 2008 - 02:512026
P.S. Tak - KRYOLAN latex?? Whaaaaa that's gotta be expensive!!! I'm sure it's prob just the same latex you buy in a craft shop anyway just in a Kryolan bottle

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15 Mar 2008 - 14:282033
Ah, I came along too late! I did movie Mystique with latex prosthetics a few years ago.

I started with a chest cast (and thigh and face too); really it's the best thing to do. Paint it on in layers, as you're doing, and you should build up a good piece. Have it thin out towards the sides as it'll make it easier to blend in with the skin and look more natural.

If you want any kind of raised decoration on it, there's two ways. One is to build it up in clay on the cast and paint the latex on top. The other, which I used, and is a lot of fun if quite messy, is to use latex thickener and put it into a cake icing tube (not the fabric ones, but a plastic one). I got a very good effect with this!

I used the normal stuff and yes, it stinks while you're using it, but once it's dry it's no problem as the ammonia dissipates - it's in there to keep the latex liquid and preserved. I'm curious as to why you want low- or no-ammonia latex though - I have very sensitive skin and experienced no problems with it. I also used the coloured latex to apply it to my skin and cover the edges as it gives a smoother line.

If you want to know about adhesives for it, PM me and I'll tell you what's out there - my boyfriend and I have done a number of latex prosthetics in the past.

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