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03 Mar 2008 - 22:301847
Minami 14
My con report can be found here:


My photos can be found here:


07 Mar 2008 - 23:451911
No replies about this awesome con! :O

I had a blast. Loved wearing Kamina and cosplaying with Kelly. Seeing all the jealous folks was also a bit of a confidence booster!

Fave costume has to be Ilpala in Optimus Prime.

Simply astounding and inspired me to get my secret project on the go.



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08 Mar 2008 - 16:051924
If someone finds a gundam being constructed in my kitchen then it's totally James' fault!

08 Mar 2008 - 17:511927
Lmao didn't realise that optimus was James >.< that is awesome. I am sooo gutted I couldn't make minami it looks like you all had a great time though

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