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21 Jan 2010 - 17:4425836
:3 hello there....
Heeeyyy ^-^ im new to CosplayIsland [of course xD]and I live in Northern Ireland. Im also new to cosplaying but I dont know many events which happen here D: but im going to Q-Con this year! Its gonna be my first con x3 So is anyone else coming to Q-Con this year?

27 Jan 2010 - 10:3026151
I may be going to that event depends if i can afford to go to ireland lol, and welcome to the website, i can't wait to see some of your cosplays, if you ever need help with anything just drop me a pm =].


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27 Jan 2010 - 16:4626173
Thanks! :3 hope you can make to Ireland!

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09 Mar 2010 - 19:3528230
I'm one of the younger cosplayers in Ireland... soo I can't make it to Q-con. If it helps, I'm going to MCM Expo in oct? xD

Seriously, any younger cons in Ireland? I wanna try out some of my Kingdom Hearts cosplays before London. ^-^;

edit// there was some cosplay event in Bangor apparently... idk, I'm really new to cosplaying. -sweatdrop-

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09 Mar 2010 - 20:1928232
Hi and welcome to CosplayIsland ^_^ It's great to see other people from Northern Ireland! I'm in London, but born in Belfast ^_^

I hope you enjoy yourself here! Any questions, feel free to message me!

CosplayIsland Staff Member

11 Mar 2010 - 00:4828288
Cocommander Cloud5
Nice to see other new people too! i'm going to go to my first this year too, i live in london so i might go to the one in may but i have no idea who as! i don't really know anime that well :s but i'd really like to get into it, message me if you wanna talk!

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