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23 Jan 2010 - 21:2625963
As an actress I always love the chance to be on stage. I do love the chance to show case my creations.

I've been taking part in masquerades for years. When I first started (many moons ago!) it was mainly about skits and performance rather than having the most epic costume. As I attended more mulit gendre of events I began entring based on the cosplay alone.

It dose fasanate me the way the changes in comp have happened. Even the name has changed. It used to be 'fancy dress competeion' rather than masquerade.

31 Jan 2010 - 15:2026481
When my friends and I first went to conventions we entered because we thought that's what people did. We read on the website that people who wore costumes enter the masquerade...so we joined in!

Now however, I enter them for one of two reasons:

1 - It's a costume that I can't wear around the convention normally - being too big, uncomfortable, large props or too revealing for my comfort.

2 - It's the only way to get a group of people together from the same series

Otherwise I'm very happy to not go anywhere near a stage or large crowds of people and enjoy helping out backstage (I did my first solo masquerade entry last year - never again!) I'm also hilariously uncompetitive, so that doesn't entice me.

31 Jan 2010 - 16:1826485
To boost my confidence. Recently I've found that at expos, I can become unbelievably shy and I'm trying to get rid of that.

I've only done two masquerades so far though and both times there were hardly any people in the audience. They were both at Collectormania Manchester and in the ones I entered, there was less than 20 audience members in their cosplay competitions. I'm hopefully entering a masquerade at Midlands this year with my friends in a group, so that's a nice way to ease myself in, instead of going straight to an expo masquerade on my own XD

18 Feb 2010 - 09:5027426
I am slowly becoming a MASQ WHORE!!!

Seriously D: like, any outfit I do for like expo, I'm thinking "HOW CAN I GET THIS INTO THE MASQ??" xDD I need a break from it at some point X_X

Since I've had a lot of drama experience, I guess I just love being on a stage and having people like my work, for me I love entering and hearing loads of people cheer (even if it's just for the character more for the costume ^^; )

so yah

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