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03 Mar 2008 - 16:421840
Advice for a newbie
Ok, I'm really new to Cosplay, I did my first costume for Minamicon this weekend. Think I learned some basics with the costume I made (Spike Spiegel suit).

Anyway, one problem I had was with the jacket. Instead of being like a normal blazer, the jacket does up over the right breast rather then down the centre. I basically wore it as if the jacket did do up on the side, and it sort of worked.

I'm thinking of doing a cosplay which does require a very similar concept, and instead of making do with one that just buttons down the middle, I'd thought I'd explore the idea of a proper jacket that fixes down the side.

I know it would seriously help if I actually gave you an example other then 'it's a bit like Spike', but I want to keep it a big suprise...

Also, the costume has some molded pieces on it, I'm guessing the most practical way to make molded shapes is with wood?

Any help would be hugely appreciated

05 Mar 2008 - 12:411862
For the jacket, I'd really recommend getting a pattern. You shouldn't have any trouble getting something roughly right, and you can adjust to fit the cosplay as you go.

As for moulded bits, it would depend how big they are and how strong they need to be. Alternatives to wood would be something like fimo (useful for small bits) or foam coated with paint or latex (if it doesn't have to hold any weight).

05 Mar 2008 - 14:511863
Ah, looking up Fimo it seems to be a better idea for what I have in mind. Thanks =D

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