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18 Jan 2010 - 22:1225647
Another New One; Looking For Cosplays
We all love it right? ^^

Anyway, I am R; no full name from me

An anime fan and an avid cosplayer; whilst obtaining them is difficult from time to time, I'll do whatever it takes to get it done, minus making it myself, because I just can not do it ><

I am here to make some friends and hopefully find someone who can help me create the odd cosplay or two; my main and most vital one being Patchouli Knowledge from Touhou, I may need pointing in the right direction for this though.

I hope to be good friends with everyone and look forward to hearing from you all; thank you.

18 Jan 2010 - 22:1525648
Hello Welcome to Cosplay Island 'R'

18 Jan 2010 - 22:3225650
Aaaaah hi there, welcome! <3333333

18 Jan 2010 - 22:3325651
Why thank you


Hey stripe XD

The Touhou quest begins now ^^

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