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13 Jan 2010 - 22:2525362
LOTR swords for sale
I have a Narsil sword and a Sting sword with scabbard from Lord Of The Rings that I need to get rid of. They are a bit wasted on me as they are not on display. They do not have their displays (at the time I thought they looked tacky), They are in very good condition. (Narsil has a small black mark on the back of the blade near the tip and Sting has general wear from going in and out of the scabbard.

They really should go to someone who is a big LOTR fan, roleplayer, costumer instead of just gathering dust.

I'd like £80 for narsil and £70 for Sting ono.
I'm not too keen on sending swords in the post so if you are local (I live in Bristol) then that would be great as I could drop them round or meet up for delivery.

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