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27 Feb 2008 - 20:011787
Hows does one stick sunglasses to their face?!
So, I am in a mad rush to get finished for Minami and have still not thought of a way to make my Kamina sunglasses magicaly stick to my face like his does in the anime.

I am concerned that spirit gum would show through and prevent me from being able to take them off any anytime.

My only idea is to use a mostly transparent plastic and create a "strap" that I can velcro at the back of my head. However this would be visible through the clear red acrylic and at the back of my head.

Any random inspiration that I could throw together tonight. XD


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27 Feb 2008 - 22:351793
I've no idea how helpful this will be (maybe not at all since 4chan rarely is ^^;.) but I spotted this thread while I was browsing.
I haven't read it, but it is related since anon has the same problem, I think.

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28 Feb 2008 - 09:201795
Good q Mark...

only thing i could think of right now is maybe a little thin strip of transparent double sided sticky tape on the inside of the edges of the nose piece, and hope the tape sticks to yer nose. But i could see that loosening over time because of sweat.

- J://
28 Feb 2008 - 09:561798
Can you use a transparent bra strap? They're adjustable, a bit flexable and my new favourite thing in the world. Well, not really, but they've sorted a couple of problems on costumes for Minami.

Having not seen the glasses, I'm not sure how you would attach, but it's an idea for a premade strip of transparent stuff if you're heading that way.

29 Feb 2008 - 01:431806
Hi Mark, just had a shock surprise that may be of your benefit as someone from the anime gathering i go to was wearing his Kamina specs - simply perched upon his nose!

It would seem the secret is to create a nose piece by using the same orange plastic, so that when someone looks back through the specs, they can't be seen!

This is gonna be strange to explain, but bear with me...

Imagine this /\ is the nose piece - the slashes are the edges where the nose piece are. if you kind of imagine you haven't chopped it out yet, you want to cut a straight line (line c) down the middle...

      / | \
     /  |  \

and then fold the resulting two tabs back, you should have an instant nose piece to perch 'em on your nose too =)

I'm assuming that your using an orange transparent plastic that's really thin to fold.

Hope it helps anyway.

- J://
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