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08 Jan 2010 - 01:1224978
Photographer needed For London Expo May 2010 - Sunday
Hiya everyone, me and my friends are looking for a photographer for sunday morning at London Mcm expo 2010. We are a final fantasy IX group mainly the royal family of Alexandra. Currently our characters are:

Princess Garnet/Queen Garnet - (white dress)
General Beatrix
Alexandria soldier

And our characters that our currently maybe are:

Albert Steiner
Pluto Knight

I would love a photographer with experiance, or if you can take really good shots lol. ^_^ Please let me know, if your interested or if you can on sunday morning ^^ that would be great.

Many thanks


08 Jan 2010 - 11:2224991
Hey sweetie, I'd take the pics for you if I can get a hold of my brothers SLR for the weekend.

Upto you.


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08 Jan 2010 - 18:4725051
I've been meaning to ask if anyone would like some photoshoots at either the Midlands or May London Expos - I've just been waiting for my camera to come back from repairs before asking. I've been told it will be returned to me by around the beginning of February.

I'd love to take some shots of a Final Fantasy group.
Would you mind if I took some as well? I'm really eager to keep improving on my cosplay photography and would love the practise ^_^


12 Jan 2010 - 16:3525274
I would like as many as possible and i don't have a probem having more than one ^^ so your both able to, and i have someone else who has emailed me ^^ so that makes 3. If you want to give me your email address i can email you closer to the time, when we make a time for the morning and a place to meet ^^.

Other people who may be interested in taking pictures to please feel free to post here.


12 Jan 2010 - 18:3825278
I'm hoping to see Fusion before expo, so we can make up a plan then my love. x

02 Mar 2010 - 17:4127932
I'd be happy to take some of you guys, I'm currently doing a book and need images to fill it.

I'm a 2nd year photography student in Cambridge, will see if i'm able to bring lights with me too.

02 Mar 2010 - 17:5027935
I was the photographer on the Dead Fantasy shoot that you and FusionRose were a part of last October - provided I'm around on the Sunday (things are a bit up in the air) I'll be happy to come along and take some shots for free.



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02 Mar 2010 - 20:0427941
Right I am deffo taking pics of you and Fusion, no questions asked!

10 May 2010 - 21:2331701
I'm free most of sunday but i'd be with my own group. I'm not actually going in expo building sunday as i have to leave early but im all day tehre saturday. as for sunday i'll be milling around taking photos (I'll be in turkey cosplay) If you'd like to see some of my ophotograohy just ask :3

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