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26 Feb 2008 - 16:201762
To cut, or not to cut?
Since my Sephiria costume is almost finished, I've started worrying about other parts of it. Specifically, the hair.

As you can see in the reference pics, Sephiria has a bit of a fringe. The problem is that I've got a wig which, although it's just the right length, colour and level of waviness, doesn't have a fringe at all (it's the Showgirl wig on Cosworx, which I would link to, but the site doesn't seem to want to load right now).

Basically, my options seem to be to either leave the wig as it is and hope the inaccuracy doesn't matter too much, or to trim it a bit at the front to create the fringe and risk screwing up the whole wig (which was expensive, and which I couldn't replace in time for the con if something went wrong). I just wondered what other people think/would do. And does anyone have any advice for trimming the wig, if that's the route I decide to go down?

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26 Feb 2008 - 17:221763
i'd be inclined to leave it as it is this close to Minami...

you dont want to be in a position where the wig looks wonky or you aren't completely happy with it
its a really cool costume that I'm hoping you will wear again, and if u do leave it as it is, it'll give you something to improve on for the next time u wear it

cant wait to see this... are u wearing it all weekend?

27 Feb 2008 - 10:591772
One possible suggestion is to go to somewhere like Clarie's accessories and get some of those clip in hair extensions and clip them either to the wig, or to you hair just under the wig to create a fringe, that way you could cut them and it it went wrong you can leave them at home and you wont have spent a tonne of cash.

I don't know how it would look as I've never tried, but it could be worth a go...

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27 Feb 2008 - 11:461774
Quote GunstarVixen:
One possible suggestion is to go to somewhere like Clarie's accessories and get some of those clip in hair extensions and clip them either to the wig

If you get a light blonde colour then you could buy some markers from an art store (try looking for alcohol markers like promarkers or TRIA pens) to colour the fringe the same as your wig.

Otherwise, if you're feeling brave, try looking up some tutorials on google (possibly even youtube?) on cutting your fringe. (You might also get good results searching "Cutting my bangs" )

Finally, if you don't mind getting some funny looks, you could pop over to your local (or if you don't want to be remembered, your most unlocal XD) hair salon and ask them to cut the fringe for you! Many hairdressers actually start their training by cutting wigs so it won't be too weird of a concept for them, they just won't be expecting someone to come in with a wig XD

27 Feb 2008 - 13:001779
Thanks for the advice, guys - I hadn't considered the hair extension route, and since the wig is blonde it might not be too difficult to colour-match. Hmm, I may look into that...

Quote HelloKitty:
cant wait to see this... are u wearing it all weekend?

Thanks for the nice comments! I won't be wearing it all weekend, no. If I get my sword finished in time it'll be a masquerade costume, if not then it'll be a Saturday floor costume. I'm rewearing my Rena costume on Friday. Haven't decided whether I'm doing anything on Sunday though ^_^

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27 Feb 2008 - 16:221783
hi, just another suggestion.
You could try buying some weave and then clip it to the front of the wig.
You can buy weave from ebay or almost any afro carribean shop. The lengths of weave you buy are usually quite long so you'll have plenty enough to give it body and to blend it.
There are a few good websites that teach you how to make fringes and stuff using this method, i usually have some kinda funky dreadlocks or braids in my hair and i find this site useful for synthetic attatchments, i will paste the address and just click on other and scroll down to fringes, that may give you a bit of advice

I hope this has helped a little.

28 Feb 2008 - 10:571799
Maybe I'm posting this a bit late now for Minami, but it should be useful if you intend to cut the wig later: http://cosplayisland.co.uk/tutorials/wigs/cutting

If you're worried about it, definitely practice on some hidden areas, like at the nape of the neck, or on a cheap nasty Halloween wig first. And always cut longer than it needs to be, then carefully trim it from there.

For that style, the fringe shouldn't be so challenging since it's parted in the middle, and relatively long and choppy, so you get a lot more leeway and won't have to be so neat with it! Even if you cut a few long strands first and decide you're unhappy with it and don't want to continue, it wouldn't be so hard to hide any stands you've cut.

If you'd prefer to try sewing in an extension like others have suggested, it may be easiest to cut out a weft from the same wig, from the back where it won't be missed, and you can sew that in. Alternatively, rather than hacking up the wefts of the wig, cut some of the fibre off and make it into a weft yourself. That way the colours will match the wig, and using an existing weft saves hassle.

28 Feb 2008 - 15:451802
Just looked at the showgirl wig um as for trimming advice if you want to go ahead with it: if you have a fine toothed comb, just slowly comb strands forward bit by bit, so you have a whispy fringe at first. Cut them a couple of inches longer (flat, straight across cut) and then with your scissors pointing up, cut up vertically against the hair. This will give it the choppy effect and feather it out so it won't look so blocky. I can find some videos on it if this explanation doesn't make sense and you do decide to do it!

With the hair parting in the middle it will fall correctly, so use some cheap hairspray to fix it - I've been using shockwaves "boost it" gel-spray which was about £1 from Morrisons, lately! XD

Good luck, I'm sure it'll look great!

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