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31 Dec 2009 - 15:3224488
New Wacom Tablet, PS1 FF, Star Ocean(rare!), PS3 Games, Dark Tower Books and anime

There's the link to my ebay which has the items on I'm trying to raise some extra spending money for when I go to Anime North in Canada this summer instead of MCM ^_^

Popstar Maker PS1
FFXI (German) PS1
FF Anthology (NTSC) PS1
FFVIII PS1 (German)
Star Ocean 2: Second Story (German, extremely rare!!)
Fallout 3 PS3
Oblivion PC
Sims PS2
The Dark Tower Wizard and Glass Book
The Dark Tower Wolves of the Calla Book
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team DS
Black Cat Volumes 1-6 on DVD

All items have 7 days on them, after this time is up I'll edit this with prices on here instead of relisting

Also have a brand new, boxed Wacom Graphire Wireless A5 Tablet for sale! Great tablet, I'm selling it on behalf of a relative who bought the wrong size and didn't get to send it back in time. This tablet is great for photographers, photo editors, manga/comic artists and digital art ^_^ I have the same one and I love it, alot better and more advanced than the Bamboo. RRP is £218, but we're selling it for £125 instead! Or best offer near that

Please PM me if you're interested in buying anything

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