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27 Dec 2009 - 21:4724364
Help with this cosplay/sewing mishap?
I bought a Code Geass School boy uniform and unfortunately..the collar is waaay to wide =_=

I would send it back to the seller to have it fixed but I don't want to risk it incase they don't send it back in time for the con TT___TT

I can fix it myself if I can only figure out HOW? I don't want to ruin the outfit..but the way it is now just isn't right~

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated~ T^T

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30 Dec 2009 - 17:1724437
I presume this is the stand collar German style uniform of the Japanese schoolboy.
There are two routes that spring to mind.
Fill the space between neck and collar with a scarf or shirt collar.
Alter the uniform. I could do with more info here, does the uniform fit on the shoulders or is it generaly loose, in which case , take it in at centre back including the collar.
If it is otherwise a good fit, things are a lot more difficult.It might regretfully be better to send it back. as you will not have the leeway to alter it.
Is this a made to measure or an off the peg. Remembering my own school days, uniform rarely fitted well, teen boys are usualy quite geeky and skinny.

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