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26 Dec 2009 - 12:2624330
help with shinigami sama from soul eater
because of the fact i've got no money i can't cosplay as dante cat boy for midlands mcm expo so now i changed to shinigami sama from soul eater and i'm wearin my suit under it to give it some structure and the hands i have planned but it's the whole body how i could create the shape like the point on the tip of the hat and is there any advice you could give me
here is a ref pic

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30 Dec 2009 - 16:0224429
My suggestion is i don't know random thought. but if you wanted the pointy bit on the hat use wire as a frame then cover it with black fabric of your choice or similar to the hat you use or make.

The body will be awkward as it will either involve you just wearing suit and having a black cape draped over you cut all jaggedy to make the spikes. Otherwise then wire will be your friend again as a wire frame that could be covered in fabric. Difficult but chicken wire is cheap. Moving may be hard it's upto you. You just got to look and bend the wire accordingly to his shape.

You could do your black suit then a black wrap around? or apron? that follows your suit and sits tight to the body around the legs. Then make another Cape that sits over the top of that with the jaggedy spikes. The bit at the bottom may require wire still to make it stick up.



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