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24 Dec 2009 - 01:1724262
Cosplay Contact lens!!!!!!!!
*Edited by Sjbonnar*

SERIOUSLY!? After already being warned!?

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24 Dec 2009 - 01:2424263
... You're gonna get yourself ban hammered at this rate, y'know.

24 Dec 2009 - 01:2724264
??? not really understand wt you mean
cant i sell these contact lens at this site?
if its not allowed, pls del this post
just wanna help some poeple who are wondering to buy these contact
i know contact lens are quite expensive in UK

if its not allowed, i would just buy one for myself

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24 Dec 2009 - 08:2224266
I dont think you can do this.

They are expensive but then they sometimes are not too badly priced. If you were a seller then it would be ok. But because your not....it can get you banned.

24 Dec 2009 - 09:4024268
I think if I needed contact lenses for a cosplay (which I will, if my Minami plan comes together), I'd rather buy them from somewhere reputable rather than a random guy on a forum who says he's going to pick them up from some place in Hong Kong.

Don't all contact lenses require a prescription now anyway, even cosmetic ones?

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24 Dec 2009 - 10:0324269
Sure, selling posts are allowed. That's why the Market Place sub-forum exists.

But it's rather suspect. You join a site and the first thing you do is make a post about buying lenses from Hong Kong? It sounds like a scam to me. That's why your original thread was deleted.

24 Dec 2009 - 12:5224273
"Commercial adverts:
Please note - this area is for non commercial use only, for our members to sell between themselves. If you run a store catering for costumes or supplies please add yourself to our shop directory. Any commercial adverts will be deleted. "


please read the rules before posting.



24 Dec 2009 - 12:5624274
also... 20-30 a PAIR? hello conjunctivitis and a scratched cornea. eyes are for life, not just for cosplay.

yours seasonally spoofingly



also @ sili, in the UK CLs from an optom's have to have a precription regardless of what power they are (even cosmetics), plano CLs can be sold commercially from any souce (which sucks for optoms because they can't sell without prescribing first), RX CLs can't legally be sold by ANYONE except a practising optometrist, and since the "seller" is offering these CLs in multiple dioptre format, they are breaking UK law.


nice hotmail "buisness email". good to see you like to be as untraceable as possible ^_^


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24 Dec 2009 - 14:0024280
Wow...just wow *facepalms*

Second warning now, one more and the hammer comes down!

On a side note, Xaerael, that's quite interesting! I never knew that about Optoms...makes sense really!

TBH Most of the contact lenses I buy are around £20-30 anyway, the coloured, non-powered ones I mean. But they're 30 day wear...I couldn't imagine paying that little for 365 day wear. Either false advertising or begging for ruined eyes...

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