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22 Dec 2009 - 22:1024227
Fan-art.... Show it to us!
Is there a Fan-art thread on this forum? I'd love to see what some of you guys are drawing (And you must be because manga is so visual it makes you wanna draw cool stuff). Or is this banned from the forum because it strays too much from costuming or clutters up the board? ^o^

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23 Dec 2009 - 00:2424237
im not sure it's probably not allowed but i been working on some stuff just finished a yoko image tonight this was a copy from the artbook version.

Got to resize image me-thinks. But First Stage sketching, Second line work, Third block colour, i need to shadow etc later.


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23 Dec 2009 - 11:2524245
That looks wicked. You'll have to put a link to your deviantart page up. That pretty much blows most of mine outta the water.

I haven't drawn for a while, i'm gonna have to start up again before I get too rusty.

23 Dec 2009 - 11:2924246
lot of the trouble with fan art is people like tracing and claiming that it's their own original work. usually if you poke around their DA page though, and cross check a few of their images, the rampant tracers can be rooted out pretty fast.

23 Dec 2009 - 13:5124249
Well i can assure you that the stuff on my deviantart page is not traced. Most of it isn't really even fan-art, just my own characters drawn in a manga style. The only real fan-art on my page is my manga take on the 80's cartoon M.A.S.K. and some Star Wars ones (Like the one on my avatar)

It is often easy to spot the genuine fan-art because often they have done it in a different style to the original. However this isn't as common in manga fan-art because unlike western comics they are drawn in a consistant style that is usually set in stone for that character/franchise.

However, I have no problem with people tracing pictures or just copying. That's how people learn to draw these characters the best. If anything I didn't copy stuff enough when i was younger, i'd be much better now if I had. Just so long as you let people know that you have copied and don't take full credit until you know a character well enough to be able to draw them how you want, doing what you want by memory. Plus it's great when you see little kids drawing stuff they've copied and you can really see that through that process they are really learning.

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23 Dec 2009 - 15:0624250
absolutley. tracing DOES have it's place. it's just when people lie about it, and use it to try to impress when it all becomes "bad" as well as totally pointless in the long run, and potentially devastating to your credibility and trustworthiness.

heck, i used to trace from marvel comics as a kid, and that taught me a lot about physical construction, limb length, foreshortening etc. as i matured, i learned more about how to draw properly, working from life, refrences etc.

you're totally right on the style thing too. tracings are easy to spot purely because no one can act like a human xerox, everyone has their own particular style and way of drawing.

24 Dec 2009 - 14:0024281
here's one I just finished today:

let me know if you want me to resize mine too

24 Dec 2009 - 14:3724282
Flip! That is really cool! What are you using, photoshop / illustrator? Wacom? what process?

24 Dec 2009 - 21:0024299
Macross Fanart
Here is one I have just finished doing. As you can see i'm a bit obssessed with Macross at the momment. I was actually listening to the Macross frontier soundtrack over and over whilst drawing this (Yes, I have it bad).

Ichijo is done from memory as I have been researching his outfit alot lately. For the Valkyrie I used a Revoltech figure to draw from as I haven't really drawn one properly and wanted to get as many details as I could right.

I will start colouring it later, but incase I messed it up I wanted to have a record of the inking stage.

24 Dec 2009 - 23:3924304

Something I did from the Kingdom Hearts manga!
I eventually sent it to a friend in her Christmas card!

Lisa Bee Photography - Amateur cosplay and media convention photographer.
24 Dec 2009 - 23:5524306
Moto thats an impressive VF-1A i would like to draw mecha like that one day but shapes and poses for mecha are a pain. Mainly squares and rectangles i know but it's just there heads. nice work though.

25 Dec 2009 - 00:2324309
Quote motokokusanagi86:
Flip! That is really cool! What are you using, photoshop / illustrator? Wacom? what process?

thx, yours is good too. Mine's simple photoshop painting with a wacom tablet. No special technique, just a couple of nice brushes. I use multiple layers, but only so that I can undo segments if I need to.

25 Dec 2009 - 00:2924310
Well i put it on my deviantart page earlier and out of interest I searched on there for macross. Well, flip! Just about every macross picture on there made mine look infantile. And there was hundreds of them. My mech tend to look a bit stiff and awkward.....but then so does my figure drawing anyway.

I've coloured it now so i'll post it up tomorrow.....er....I mean today. (merry christmas)

Zerosilence: That is looking really cool. Nice job! I love seeing what other people are drawing.

25 Dec 2009 - 00:3224311
Quote Zaiburst:
Quote motokokusanagi86:
Flip! That is really cool! What are you using, photoshop / illustrator? Wacom? what process?

thx, yours is good too. Mine's simple photoshop painting with a wacom tablet. No special technique, just a couple of nice brushes. I use multiple layers, but only so that I can undo segments if I need to.

Yeah, I've tried some photoshop but i'm not very good at it. Using layers is really handy though. I've got a wacom, but my lines come out all wobbly ----_____-----____--- ^-^

25 Dec 2009 - 22:5424327
here is the coloured version. Alcohol markers in my sketchpad.

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30 Dec 2009 - 10:2824415
yay i love looking at other peoples fan art XD
here's my attempted DBZ contribution although i like other peoples ones here more >< there be more on my DA ^^

and some Grimmjow XD because I love him ^^

30 Dec 2009 - 14:1824424
Those are excellent! I like the setting of the DBZ one. great colouring too. ^-^

21 Jan 2010 - 01:0425807
I can't draw myself (well I can, but I haven't drawn for about 15 years and I lack the confidence now)

All the commissions are Storm Hawks related, I've recently commissioned yet another one, this time from Lone Momo

These two are by http://thekeet.deviantart.com

I've got more pics in my gallery as well as Storm Hawks fanfic and photos of wildlife in my garden and my cute pets http://pkbitchgirl.deviantart.com

I also commissioned other pics that are in the galleries of the artists' who drew them

My Storm Hawks (raptor/human hybrid) OC: http://mana-exe.deviantart.com/art/PKB-Commission-131373722

Repton and Starling art nouveau pic: http://barukurii.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Repton-Starling-144855038

25 Jan 2010 - 13:0826032
Urrr Don't know how to post an image on here, anyone help??

but my deviantart is www.lady-fuz-lin.deviantart.com

I do alot of fanart but not alot of it gets uploaded, I've got a backlog im trying to get ontop of!

30 Jan 2010 - 13:3426419
wow, all your art is good, puts mine to shame lol Iam still in the 'keep on practice and your get there one day' lol

Dreams are all we have
10 Feb 2010 - 02:5127026
Some fab artwork there. Love it ;D

You can see all mine at www.sephirayne.deviantart.com

Heres a taster (all clickys)


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14 Feb 2010 - 00:3727246
Some really great stuff Sephirayne!

18 Feb 2010 - 12:3827433
most of my art on DA is fanart.


18 Feb 2010 - 19:4927458
Nice Pokemons bone! ^-^

19 Feb 2010 - 21:3027505
my nami ^^ im still workin on backgrounds

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