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22 Dec 2009 - 18:4324203
D.N Angel manga 1-3 for sale!
My boyfriend went through a big anime/manga phrase and bought anything related to anime/manga. He bought D.N Angel and lots more, then a couple of months later he went off anime all together XD!

He let me keep everything I liked, but I'm not a fan of D.N Angel, and I already have loads of manga series I need to complete without having this ahah!

So its volumes 1-3, I would like to sell them for £9 a set (this is including postage)

If you want to buy them separately, PM me or leave a comment on here and I'll give a price, BUT I would prefer to sell them as a set.

They are in mint condition and probably only been read once by my boyfriend, and have been living on my shelf with my other manga ever sense lol. I will add photos on here later ;D

Because it's Christmas, I will have to probably send them out later, BUT I will try and send them out to you as soon as I recieve your payment and address!

Thank you


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