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31 Jul 2007 - 01:5559
My costume page
This only happened after uploading my 3rd costume, Asagi, and seems to stay despite refreshing and taking alternative routes to the page.

Tinkering reveals that the problem occurs when you put too much text in the "Character Variant" field. So when I put in 'Her most iconic street clothes, in first episode, and on promotional images' it broke, but taking that off fixes it.

Look, I'm being helpful/picky mum!

31 Jul 2007 - 02:0660
Oh trust *you* to break something

We'll get onto it as soon as possible, m'dear, cant have that awful layout now, can we!

31 Jul 2007 - 02:0961
Well, there was this big red button and I just... D;

Ok, thanks! Must say also that I'm loving the site, many shiny functions and awesome, well done you two! <3

31 Jul 2007 - 05:0877
Rachel brokes the internets with her FACE!

Unsurprising! >: (

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