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21 Feb 2008 - 17:271708
Hey YOU! Yeah, I'm talking to YOU, sassy girl! ;D
Hello hello, I am miiol, I think I know a few of you already?? I alternate between lurking and almost spamming the place out so much, I never seem to regularly post!

I'm now 20 and living near Bristol and I like to cosplay BEEFY MEN yeah, baby.

I went from being a visual/jrock fan to a cheesy boyband fan thanks to Shazz, but they are quite similar really. :x HELLO.

21 Feb 2008 - 17:521711

Welcomes to the site! (not that you need welcoming coz you've been here forever)

i think i saw you at the bristol anime night?
i'm a Bristol Gal, same as MangaChild and WhiteLeviathon (tho they're boys not girls)
and there are quite a few ppl from around your area on here,
loving your Kaneda cos Btw,

21 Feb 2008 - 18:321712
Hey thanks! No no, I wasn't at Bristol Anime Night, but Digi told me to join the BAC forum?? LOL it is so nice to hear people recognise Kaneda as Kaneda and not MJ! Thank you!

I know a good few of the WAC members I'm happy to say, but always happy to meet new people. I forgot to put this on previously but I've got AIM and MSN at:

DAD FANTASY X (aim) <-- dad fantasy... is a long story XD

21 Feb 2008 - 18:541713
Orange pirate Miiol!


07 Mar 2008 - 23:371906
*does the belt dance*

Enough said!

Be Excellent to each other!


Voice Over/Actor - Presenter/Host - Geek/Gamer
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