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11 Dec 2009 - 21:0323704
O hai thar
Ok, so, hey 8D. I'm here because yea, i lopve cosplay and i'm a total fanboy when it comes to seeing good cosplay D:

SO yea, i'm awesome, i can be pretty hyper at times, or completely lazy at others, i have a very perverted sense of humour, and attittude in general ;D I'm not /new/ to cosplay, but my skills are sevearly lacking :/ So far i've brought normal clothes to use for cosplay, and brought online, and while i still like them, i do want to be able to make my own. That said, i'm not particular to the whole buy vs make thing, cosplay to me is about having fun, so i'm not gonna critisise and judge you because of your methods. But i do have a pet hate for bad cosplay, as in, blatently bad, which makes me hate on myself at times >>'

I'be been to 3 conventions so far:
Alcon 08
Kitacon 09 (missed the sunday ;_
Fuyucon 09 (though i was only there on the sunday ;_

ALcon was the worst of the three, but i still had fun, and it opened up so many doors for me.

Kita was fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu amazing, and i met some awesome people there D:

Fuyu was also amazing, but i'm told i missed out on SO much there, but its just gotten me more stoked for the next one xD

I've only been to one expo, that being the midlands expo back in febuary, though i'm planning on going to the london ones next year 8D

I've probably ranted on too much allready, so i'll shut up now xD;

So yea, cya around guys n girls ;D

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