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21 Feb 2008 - 16:411700
A Large Backpack?!
Hi Guys!

I need a large backpack for a costume I'm making, needs to be abouuut 1 meter long. it's a traditional style rucksack, really similar to this:


Has anyone tried making this sort of thing from scratch and had any sort of sucess?

I've made smaller packs before, but I'm not sure if this'll hold its shape unless I make it have a really rigid frame...dont want it to get too heavy...though i guess a healthy stoop might be in character...

Anyone had any sort of experiences like this?



05 Mar 2008 - 08:501859
could you use foam board and hide it inside the fabric? So the flat panels will stay flat, but it'll obviously bend where's there's folds in the fabric.

- J://
05 Mar 2008 - 10:491861
Poles down the seams on the inside (thin plumbing type poles or plastic tent poles would be light).

Sheets down each face like mounting board or thick card.

Stuff the whole thing with wadding/fabric leftovers/toy stuffing/pillows!

Or a combination of the above. Personally I think some card down the faces and some long pillows inside would work best and be really light.

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