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04 Dec 2009 - 12:0523388
2009---2010 Cosplay
Okay, so I noticed we've got threads for whats going down at Kita and Expo next year, but no thread for general cosplay!
I know it seems like Expo/Fuyu was only yester (I still haven't unpacked...) but unfortunately it is now December

So I guess this a topic of reflection. What did you learn cosplay-wise this year? What's your 'osplay goal', shall we say, for the upcoming 2010??

Myself, I aim to start being more hands-on. I debuted my first handmade cosplays at Fuyu and they went down well, so I aim to make alot more, perhaps more challenging ones. My confidence has boosted too through all the new friends I have made, so I may even cosplay more ambitious characters I'd probably never considered before.

I'd love to hear what everyone has planned for the new year and how we've all grown

04 Dec 2009 - 12:3423389
I kinda set myself some new cosplay skill to learn each year, this past year was the year of wig styling, which I was just far too scared to attempt before but now I feel much more confident in it and actually quite enjoy doing it!

Next year waaaaas going to be armour but then my cosplay plans all changed and instead i'm taking on a lot more 'bigger' projects and even some of my dream cosplays! Cant wait! ^^

04 Dec 2009 - 13:2623390
I'd have to say the only goal i can set myself at the mo is to be less of a perfectionist- i plan to micro details which makes making the thing kinda stressfull

and stop loosing needle

In the words of pilz-e the squirel- "Run from the burning eyes of the angry lady!"
04 Dec 2009 - 18:3923398
This year I got to cosplay one of my favourite characters ever (Jeanne from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne!) which was very exciting for me.

I know I've definitely improved sewing wise as well and have generally become neater at making costumes (although I still get rather careless and faff up a lot loool).
I don't think I've learnt any new skills, I've just been improving on skills I already have which is nice!

Next year I would love to learn to quit leaving things till the last minute and losing the needle and thread... ... ... Like that'll ever happen, but I can dream can't I? 8'D
Would also like to improve in prop making for I've given myself quite a few challenging props for next year *coughfloatingfencecough*, figuring out how to transport said challenging props is a challenge itself @___@.
I also want to learn to make jackets, or give in to buying a pattern. I really want to do a lot of characters with either fitted jackets/blazers or uniforms and I can't make them because I suck that way xD; Hey ho here's hoping that goal gets achieved!

05 Dec 2009 - 10:2523408
One thing I did learn over last year was wig styling. Never done it before and ended up doing it a few times. Not done a too bad a job. Not my best skill by any means. I'll defo be getting a wig commissoner to do my Cain Nightroad's wig.

I also learnt not to worry about my height and just have fun with it.

I hope to learn about wings over 2010 as I have a few costumes lined up that feature them.

05 Dec 2009 - 10:3823410
What an awesome topic XD erm weather im at cons or just cosplaying for meets and things I like to broaden my frienship circle. I love meeting new and intresting people and further advancing the fact that I will only see some of my new friends parhaps once or twice a year. Thats what im pretty much into doing at cons or have been. as for new skills I have really tried to further myself with props and things, I think for alot of my cosplays they have been really important

For 2010 more of the same I think, and I would love to do more on crossplay I think as the breif stint I had of it at fuyucon was amazing *the feeling that is*

05 Dec 2009 - 10:4323411
I want to make sure I do a good job on the costumes I make and also I want to learn how to style a wig. I need to do it for my oct costume and I have no idea how to start it!!!!!

I think I need to start reading up on them and such.

05 Dec 2009 - 12:0823415
I learnt that while big costumes look cool, you have to be incredibly fit and have really high stamina to wear them.

Seigfried was the most intensive costume I've ever had to wear, and I lasted from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening (with some breaks, but not many). But my god, it hurt. And it was so hot in there.

Next year I hope to make comfier costumes. Hopefully ones that you can sit down in without taking them apart.

I've also learnt that spotters are your best friends, and that Timber is amazing for helping me and Matt get around all day.


05 Dec 2009 - 12:3623419
Costume wise I learned it takes me a whole lot longer than I plan to put them together. This years unfinished costume dissapointed my friends as well as me. :I ..Next time I promised I will have my costumes finished Before arriving at hotel for Expo weekend! This means getting them under way a lot sooner.. eg like now for February's.
Also this year I learned how to edit audio tracks together using a free sound editor 'Audacity' - so I can do more adventurous things with skit ideas and performances for masquerade.

05 Dec 2009 - 14:5723424
This year I made my first costume without having to commission any parts (unless you count a special order of 3 long chunky zips?) and this I was very proud of =)I still worked of a base dress however so my goal next year is to make an outfit from scratch and a friend shall be assisting me with getting into grips with a sewing machine!
I would like to attempt some small props also.

05 Dec 2009 - 16:4723425
well again i aint done much this year except pyramid head which im not proud of at all lmao

however i have made progress on things and in that ive learnt

some more hemmming teqniques
easier ways to neaten costumes and attach patterns onto costumes and different methods, and offcourse to start costumes early, i want to get my costumes done next year sooo main goal atm is my secret costume

05 Dec 2009 - 17:4823427
Over this year I basically learned to use a sewing machine. Next year I want to actually use patterns and make full outfits from scratch.

05 Dec 2009 - 19:2223429
This year was the first time I've made props. When me and a friend wanted to cosplay as Romeo x Juliet, for some odd reason I thought that the costumes will not be complete if the swords are missing even though they are not always used in the series. I was really worried how the swords will turn out since I had no experince & I pretty much suck at wood work, but in the end I got loads of compliments at AyaCon which made me happy.
Another great achievement was making Sakura's massive pink dress! For the past few years I was unable to make the hem of the skirt perfectly circular & poofy nor paint neatly on fabric *coughGarnetcough* but I surprised myself that the overall result of the costume turned out to have 4 layers of perfect circles for the skirt and a hundreds of neatly hand painted patterns everywhere on the skirt.

Next year, I really want to move onto styling wigs as I can only go as far as cutting wigs. There are 3 characters which I want to cosplay & they have their hair in pigtails, so I really want to have a go.
Another thing happening next years is that I will be making a costume for a friend and it will be the first ever time I'm making a costume not for myself. My friend is a different size from me, so hopefully this costume will work out well.

07 Dec 2009 - 02:4523496
This year has been great since I got to do one of my Dream cosplays of ALL time and actually won with it. XD I'm also amazingly happy with the amount of friends I've been able to make this year and get closer to the few I already knew~

Thanks to some people I've also learned a bit more about wig styling and have learnt even more about the effects of make up in cosplay and it's usefulness.

Another useful thing I have learnt this year is, if yo uarent going to finish in time, just stop, take a step back, de-stress and leave the cosplay for next time. I'm VERY thankful I did not rush Kuja for October as much as I actually was trying to. Though really some parts of him will need touching up because of some horrific rushing.


For next year I am UBER excited to be learning more about wig styling, for example, I will be taking has on Seymour Guado's crazy ass wig. It is a wig I have been desperate for someone to ask of me and since my friend has agreed to be our Seymour, I get to do his wig. 8B

Armour is something I'll also be tackling as well as bettering my prop making. Zack's sword was very much terrible. Hopefully Cecil will turn out well. >_>

I'm also hoping to Tackle wings and some form of suit. >D Though of course, if I dont get everything done, it can be pushed back for next time. *Wise nod*


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07 Dec 2009 - 07:5623498
Quote Demented Kid:

For next year I am UBER excited to be learning more about wig styling, for example, I will be taking has on Seymour Guado's crazy ass wig. It is a wig I have been desperate for someone to ask of me and since my friend has agreed to be our Seymour, I get to do his wig. 8B

Armour is something I'll also be tackling as well as bettering my prop making. Zack's sword was very much terrible. Hopefully Cecil will turn out well. >_>

I'm also hoping to Tackle wings and some form of suit. >D Though of course, if I dont get everything done, it can be pushed back for next time. *Wise nod*

Hope you have fun with my Cain wig. I really need to pm you. *pokes self*

08 Dec 2009 - 17:4623576
It's interesting to know that most of us on here are terrible timekeepers!

I started March's outfits in November and I already get the feeling I'll be pushing it!!

Wigs too, everyone seems to be getting involved in wigs, which is good for me cos it means more poeple I can get commissions from!

08 Dec 2009 - 18:5223582
Costume wise I've mostly been improving on what I already know this year. I've gotten a lot quicker on making trousers and tops.
I've been able to use my overlocker a lot more and get more work in with fosshape too. The Rain was a great chance to test out what kinds of things I can do with it as well as playing with lycra more and it paid off!

In terms of wigs I've gotten the chance to do a lot of new styles and play around with some new ideas for cores and styling. Yugi was fantastic to work on and I'm looking forward to doing some more of those for next year. I'm really happy I had the chance to do Roxas again, and again, and again. >< It's proven to be one my most popular orders.

Next years plans include quite a lot of new techniques on the costume side of things. I can't really say what the main project is we'll be doing specifically but it's going to be covering armour, embroidery, gradient dyeing and chainmail.
I've got some more Clow Cards planned, a couple of costumes I've been wanting to do for a while now too like Liete and Yuuko and Clow. Got Jack's first cross play lined up for Minami too.

In terms of wig plans, I'm going to be taking a big step next year and start going full time. It's taking quite a bit of time setting it up this year but it should be ready in time. I'm looking into taking some part costume commissions too so but I'm not too sure how busy I'm going to get with wigs. Either way it should be a fun year!

08 Dec 2009 - 20:3023584
This year
I've learnt that I should have cosplayed sooner, I had more sewing skills than i realised, throwing myself in at the deep end with wig styling was a good thing to do- I now have no fear- and the importance of using an apropriate colour thread, on the spool as well as top thread

Next year
I need to learn patience and to finish things off properly, and how to make money appear from thin air to fund all my crazy plans! (this sort of applies to my business as well as cosplay funnily enough)

I've met some amazing people who have made this year so awesome when it looked like it was about to slide downhill, and i look forward to meeting many more

08 Dec 2009 - 20:4223586
I definitely need to work on my timekeeping. Since leaving my old job I now have a lot more free time to do what I like with, and I don't want to end up in another Cosplay Ball situation.

I'm thinking of scaling things waaay down so I'm only working on one costume per event, if that. Since I do now have the skills to make things that'll last beyond a single weekend I can always just rewear older costumes, and since the cosplay plans I have coming up are all fairly ambitious I'll be doing myself a massive favour by only working on one per event!

So, I've got one new plan each for Minami, Amecon and both London Expos, and unless any of them run ahead of schedule I'm not making any new plans beyond those (and if anyone catches me contemplating anything else they have permission to poke me with a stick or something).

I should also try to keep up to date with my cosplay LJ, the poor thing's been horribly neglected since the summer...

Oh, and it'd be nice to get some really good photos of my costumes. Any photographers in the south-west who fancy scouting round Bath for some good locations...?

Cara bell', cara mia bella, mia bambina, o ciel!

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08 Dec 2009 - 22:5023599
Well, this is stilla relatively new scene for me, so I'm still new to a lot of things you guys'll be used to. I'm hoping to try my hand at some insulating foam crafting. That's probably going to be the extent of my stretching out, since the costumes I have don't really need much complicated stuff for them.

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