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01 Dec 2009 - 19:3623270
Wig Help
Ok when it comes to wig wig styling I consider myself to be basic but willing to give it a go..

I wish to cosplay this character http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/costume/view/13174

The wig is purple with neon blue tips but is also in a ponytail... anyone give me options on how I can do this (easy to hard)



01 Dec 2009 - 21:1123275
Ok, ponytail first. Reading through this will cover all your options in better detail

Easy method 1
Buy a short wig, and create the ponytail by clipping in extensions or an entire second wig on top. Will look something like this, but of course you can make the ponytail fuller with more extensions. Clipping in a whole wig can look like this

Only problem is those longer front pieces around the face. You may actually need to start with a longer wig as a base, then cut the rest of it short. Alternatively, you could sew in extensions for those longer front pieces.

Easy method 2
Start with a very long wig. Clip the back up to create the impression of a high ponytail (will look like this, but you can add extensions etc. if you want a fuller ponytail)

Start with a thick, fairly short wig. Sew in some extra wefts, and pull it into a high ponytail (this is tricky, and time-consuming to do neatly on a wig). You’ll then need to add extensions/another wig to supplement the volume and length of the ponytail. Plus point is it's a real ponytail, and not a cheat like the first two methods.

The colour…I have fewer set ideas about! All your various dye options are here.

I think easiest thing is to not try dyeing a wig at all, but to use blue extensions, blended into the purple ponytail so that they mostly only show at the ends. No idea how well that'll work in practice, but it seems good in theory!

For dyeing…
I can’t say if it would work to colour blue over a purple wig - I’m not certain that would show up well. Maybe a dark blue over a paler purple could work. If you want to try that route, you only need to colour the ends of the wig, so could use pretty much any dye method ok. Colouring by hand with pens, creating a spray-on dye from pens or acrylic ink, dunk-dyeing the tips - just pick the method that you think would best suit you. Experimenting with isopropyl alcohol will help create a nice gradient.

I think it might be safer to start with a white/pale blonde wig and colour the whole thing, that would certainly give more vibrant blue at the ends. It would mean mixing up a purple and a blue spray-on dye, and attacking the entire wig with those. You might manage dunk-dyeing if you’re careful about not getting the purple on the bits that need to be blue.

Good luck! This isn't going to be easy, and could well be pricey too with needing extensions/an extra wig.

02 Dec 2009 - 00:1723285
Wow - that's a very comprehensive answer you have already!
I would definitely try to go for option 3 of the above if you can, it is more tricky, but i think the result will be by far the best.
If you are going to be dying the wig then be careful, if you have ever tried it before you will know that it can ruin a wig in a matter of minutes! Make sure you dry it pretty quickly and air it on a wig stand or similar device if possible to assist it with the drying. Don't dry it artificially though. I would definitely recommend starting with a very light blonde initially if you are planning on dyeing. Also make sure you check with the wig supplier first that it is ok to dye it, some wig hair fibre doesn't take to dye at all as it isn't porous.
Can't wait to see the results!
Sammy xx

02 Dec 2009 - 18:3023326
Thanks for your help so far!

I have seen this wig below... and was wondering if it is feasible to dye it? Also I am concerned about how difficult it would be to make sure the blue doesn't go a funny colour..



02 Dec 2009 - 18:5023330
If you start with a white wig to dye, the colours should all come out as you expect them to. I was just pointing out that if you try to colour a purple wig blue, it might not go as planned because you’re layering colours. Best thing there would be to test it out - if you can get a colour sampler for the brand of wig you’re planning to buy (which is handy to have anyway) or if you or a friend already have a purple wig, you can try colouring a tiny bit where it’ll be hidden at the nape of the neck.

As for whether that wig you linked to will take dye well, you would need to talk to people who have ordered from that particular seller to get an idea of the wig’s characteristics/brand. If you read through some of the threads on dyeing wigs on cosplay.com, they should mention which types of wigs take dye best, what to avoid etc. And I’m sure there will be a lot more info there on how to get gradient effects, and other useful tips. I really don’t have enough practical experience colouring wigs to help with specifics.

02 Dec 2009 - 18:5623331
According to the website you can dye the wigs and they are made of Japanese fibre..

I just need to find out where I can buy mass lots of purple and blue sharpies...


02 Dec 2009 - 20:2223333
It would probably work out much cheaper (and quicker by far!) to either buy ink and alcohol and mix it yourself or pre-mixed dye. Unless you can bulk order the pens I can see it mounting up fairly quickly for that amount of coverage.

I would be looking at applying the purple first then the blue on the tips. As long as you don't rush and don't soak the wig it's very simple to keep sections un-dyed. I wouldn't worry too much about destroying a wig by dyeing it either, it really is a very simple process.

For the fibre itself, it's really only the higher grade materials you'll have to worry about not taking the dye. The only fibre you'll really ever come across (unless you want to go for much higher grades) that shouldn't be used for dyeing is Elora which is used in Sepia brand wigs.

White is definitely the best option, for blue dyes I would completely stay away from blonde wigs no matter how light they might be. Even a 613 will still give you a slightly green shade. Starting with a blue wig would also be an option though slightly more difficult. You can mix up a colour to go over that but be sure to test it on a small section first.

For wig options I'm somewhat biased as I dislike the clip on tails. I would personally use Ivy from Cosworx in either white or turquoise. From there I would dye it first with either one or two colours then put it up into a tail. Ivy takes high tails very well as it's a wonderfully thick wig.

13 Dec 2009 - 20:1223765
Wow so many options to consider

I'm half way split between getting the wig from cosworx or this one which is aqua blue http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-Baby-Blue-Cosplay-Wig-Long-Clip-On-Extensions-95006_W0QQitemZ160383154767QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Women_Accessories?hash=item255794ba4f

How easy would it be to get deep purple on a aqua wig.. Also what is the best way to protect the tips of wig from being dyed as well foil?

Seph do you have that dye available to buy?

If I decide to put the other wig into a ponytail how difficult is it do? There appears to be a lot of hair.


13 Dec 2009 - 22:1823773
I would go for a cosworx one, it'd be only be an extra £5 to go for the most expensive one.

The colour shouldn't be a problem at all. It's just a case of determining what colour dye you need to start off with to end up with that colour on top of the blue.

To avoid dyeing the tips you can do a few things;
cover it in vaseline, hang it upside down and keep the tips raised up, do very light layers to avoid run off.
I would personally go for the second option.

Yep that wouldn't be a problem. I'd like to see the colour of whatever wig you go for so we can go for the best dye mix.

Ponytails are very easy to do providing you have the right wig. I generally get Jack to help hold the wig for me when doing high tails so I can line it up at eye level but it's certainly doable on your own too.

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