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01 Dec 2009 - 15:5423249
How do you keep your wigs?
I know this is an odd one but I have So many Wigs it's a bit annoying now and I don't have any idea how to keep them as they keep getting messy and costing a lot in hair spray to keep redoing them every time i need them.

I know you can use poly heads but I only have one and I cant find a bulk lot for a reasonable price.

Is there any other way of storing them without them being distoryed? And cheep?


01 Dec 2009 - 16:5323260
Ebay and other UK stores stock flat pack plastic wig stands. They're cheaper than heads and sometimes come in bulk buy, they usually cost just a couple of quid plus are easier to take to cons.
If you can't afford those, then there's also the options of using lamp shades, bottles etc or making your own with a ballon and paper mache.

The other option would be to flat pack them. Unless it's something like a Roxas wig where it's spiked all over and obviously can't be flattened, it's easy to flat pack a wig so it keeps it's style. As long as it's styled with a product that's going to last it'll be fine and saves a lot of room.

01 Dec 2009 - 21:5123271
Pretty much echoing the same things here

Almost all my wigs are shoved in a box, and are none the worse for it. I might take them out, give them a quick comb before a con and check if they need any touch-ups, but there’s never usually any need to re-style them.

If the wig isn’t styled, I just leave it in its net and bag as it is. For longer wigs, I might also tie ribbons along the length, or braid it loosely, to prevent tangles. Even if the wig is styled, it’s usually still fine stored flat in its bag - my Rikku, Pearl, Tinkerbell wigs, curly ones…all fine. I just carefully arrange them to preserve the style as much as possible (I’m not sure what I’d need to do to destroy the styling there though! They all get shoved in suitcases to go to cons like that too, and survive no problem)

I’ve only got a few wigs which I wouldn’t like to risk storing flat, so they get to go on wig forms. Any other object you can drape them over is fine too, and I like the sound of those collapsible stands. Spiked wigs are probably the main ones to keep that way. Another potential option is to hang wigs up, from hooks or something, so if you have wall space or the back of a door free, maybe go for that.

01 Dec 2009 - 22:1623276
if its a long wig brush it before and after every use.
if its a styled wig use a poly head ^^

05 Dec 2009 - 07:2023407
Do you have a wig bag when you buy the wigs?
You could use an iron comb(it has to be iron because if other combs, the wig will become a little bit fur...) then stuff the wig with papers, then put the wig into the wig bag which you should have when you buy them. I used to use poly head but it gets dusty easily.

05 Dec 2009 - 17:5223428
I have a wig rack in my room. It's just a set of coat racks on the wall which I hang my wigs from. It's a nice storage option and adds colour to the room.


05 Dec 2009 - 20:4723433
I keep my wigs in a box in the shed. This probably is why most of my Friday nights at cons are spent bribing my friends with alchohol to restyle them.

05 Dec 2009 - 22:0423436
Luckily non of my wigs required TOO much styling so I usually can get away by storing them somewhere safe and out of the way with them inside-out and tucked in.

Sadly I dont own a wigstand so the place I store wigs that are being sorted just lay on head of a toy tiger I have in my room XD I really DO need a wigstand.

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