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28 Nov 2009 - 16:3023182
get rid of some mangas
i have got way to many mangas and have desided i need to get rid of some that i dont read anymore

ranma 1/2 is complete 36 mangas,
i want about £100 due to being so many mangas

tail of the moon also complete 15 mangas,
£50 complete

FMA 1 and 4,
£3 each


alice 19th vol 1-3
£3 each

x-kai vol 1

i also have 3 korean mangas

hissing vol 1
forest of grey city volume 2
the royal palace goong vol 1

these are £4 each or will do all 3 for £10

i will add so more once i have gone though some more, prices can be lower as P&P IS NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE. message me if u want more details on the mangas and will try and get back to you as soon as possible, i will also try and put some photos up aswell

i have lowered the prices on the manga if only a little

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