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24 Nov 2009 - 17:0523002
Cosplay and work
I was wondering how many of you speak to your colleagues about your cosplays and other anime hobbies?

Since I started attending anime events, I have met a number of fans that keep their hobbies secret at work. They have said that they prefer to keep their personal and work lives separate, which I can understand completely. Winding up is common in the workplace after all and, although often playful, can grind if it becomes too repetitive.

The one thing I never asked those fans though is if they ever were open about it in the first place, or decided to keep it from the first day. I ask because I have met a number of anime fans, casual and hardcore at work, which I never would have if I had not been open about it. Although I did take a bit of stick from people about enjoying films such as Speed Racer, I’ve never really had to contend with as much as I thought I would. When someone last year spotted the Cosplay Ball article on the BBC News I thought ‘oh crap here we go’ but they were actually interested about the event. Similarly someone else will be attending the next MCM Expo after the asked about my photos on Facebook of the last one.

I was just wondering what experiences people have had at work regarding their anime hobbies? Have you met fans and made new friends because of it?

24 Nov 2009 - 17:2823003
While this isn't exactly cosplay... back in my hardcore yugioh days, I didn't really tell anyone that I played it back in like first year of uni. I'd always hide my folders and stuff in my room if folk were coming round.

I tried much the same tactic in second year when I had a flat sharing with two awesome guys I met in halls. Although needless to say they eventually found some lying around my room, and they really didn't care at all.

Of course then abridged came out, and it became far more of a funny topic to talk about, even with dates, who honestly laughed their heads of when I linked them to the show.

My last year in uni, I doubt I could have been more open about it with the academic family I adopted. They all loved it, and all the stories I had about it. And they all told me off when I tried to change my msn name (it's been Dark Magician for 7-8 years now, I'm not allowed to change it lol).

And it didn't just stop there. Other things like Final Fantasy etc, my flatmate Jonathan would ask me about that. When he saw I was into gaming, he actually brought his N64 up from his house, and we got our other flatmate Andrew into games a bit as well. Jonathan saw my buster sword pictures on facebook over summer and his only reaction was "Oh no you didn't!"

I think that with most things, you reach a level where the only people that matter can accept whatever it is you're into (obvious personal stuff and fetishes are always open to varying opinions), but harmless stuff like card games and cosplay usually just provokes an "Oh cool, what's it like?" response for me these days


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24 Nov 2009 - 18:1323007
the place i work is in offices and in a mechanic bay, so yea worst places lmao, im open about my costume makings, there actually very interested, but when the odd chavy mechanic tries takin the piss i just lie and say i make money from it(then stick my fingers up and go) MEHHHH

24 Nov 2009 - 18:1423008
where I work, all new starters are required to send an introductory email to the whole company (yes WHOLE including execs and the CEO!) I figured why not! so I mentioned Cosplay and gaming.

Within a day my office had found my CI profile and I had discovered another cosplayer in another office! turns out we'd cosplayed the same character!

To start with people were really curious, but now they understand it (well sort of) I just get asked sewing questions all the time, especially around the fancy dress office parties! I often get really nice compliments on my facebook cosplay photos!

Mind you I do work in the video games industry, so I suppose 'geeky' hobbies are fairly normal!

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24 Nov 2009 - 18:2923009
I work in primary schools so I see it as an asset. I even lead with the "I know it's geeky but..." LOL I love being a geek and might as well start as I mean to go on!

I've actually had pretty positive reactions so far!

CosplayIsland Staff Member

24 Nov 2009 - 18:4123010
Well I work at CEX (computer exchange) part time you understand and I am the nerdy victorian who works behind the counter *manager cant drink with me as apparently im too damn suave XD but you understand thats just the crevat and tendancy to gin and tonic* but I also work with 2 drag queens who one of em helped me alot with lust XD and the rest of em all like either anime or a bit of ghibli so its a great envoiroment

24 Nov 2009 - 18:4423011
I've been pretty open about my love for manga/anime and cosplaying at my college (its actually a uni course I'm doing though!) and people have actually been very accepting, which surprised me. One of my friend really wanted to see my pictures when I came back from the expo ^^;

24 Nov 2009 - 19:3223014
I was open about my cosplay love affair when i started at my new store. It helped that a couple of people came across from the old store with me and knew about my costuming. The guys at work do tease me every now and again when I let them in on some of my plans and then i get the odd comment from Facebook photos but tbh its never been much of an issue aside from old friends really from school.

Actually i've been commissioned a few times at work for people's kids. I think everyone should be more open about it despite where you work-could lead to something more!

24 Nov 2009 - 20:2223016
I haven't really told my boss as she doesn't really care about our private lives unless it affects her! but she knows i attended expo in may and i vauguely explained about it, cosplay is a very big part of my life now though in comparisson. it's a smallbusiness though so it's not quite the same as a big corporate office!

it's all over my facebook so if anyone took the time to look me up it'd be pretty apparent!

24 Nov 2009 - 21:0723017
i work in a large pet shop where we employ about 12 people. im very open about my cosplaying, and always have been. if im in a rush to finish a cosplay, then i sometimes take it to work to hand sew on my lunch. not a single person in the store is against it, and everyone is always asking me how my costumes are going, genuinly interested. my manager is more than good for letting me have the odd weekend off for cons, and the deputy manager is big on gothic lolita, so im not alone!

on saturday i finally bought a copy of Cosplay Fever, and left it on the office table for people to read. i think most of the staff have looked through it, and they have all been impressed by it. i even have a couple asking if they can come along to events with me in the future!

so yeah, for me, its all good (though when i jokingly mentioned furries and yiffing, it did lead to a few questioning looks, and we still joke about it even now XD)

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24 Nov 2009 - 21:2723020
I'm very open about it, my boss likes to joke about my geeky hobby lol I work in GAME and therefore I get to use cosplay on certain game releases (for example I made my first Jill Valentine cosplay for the release of Resident Evil 5). Most the staff are aware of what I get up too and once I've walked in carrying a big roll of foam and I just got greeted with "Let me guess, cosplay supplies?" XD

24 Nov 2009 - 22:1023022
I work in TESCO and well I don't really speak about it to anyone at work. It's really because I'm not really like anyone else there and there have a couple of times when I've been seen in costume. The first time was LFCC last year when I popped by in my Lloyd Irving. The guy who saw me asked me about it pretty nicely but there was someone else on his department started to take the mick a bit (actually it seems like the only reason he talks to me is to do that).

It's not really the kind of environment for an open cosplayer. I don't think anyone would get it.

25 Nov 2009 - 07:3623033
yeh this is def a weird one... so many people i meet are secret cosplayers and use the same line "i don't mix work a pleasure"!
Being in the wig game, for me mixing work and pleasure is cool, so i am an open and proud cosplayer! But i guess i do i understand why some people wouldn't be, like if they had a hardcore office job then it may be a blocker to things - we all know what 'internal politics' can be like! LOL!

25 Nov 2009 - 10:4823039
I was pretty open about it in my last job, but then my last job was essentially "professional geek" so that didn't matter so much XD

For future jobs... we'll see. It depends on where I end up working I guess. I'm actually cagier about it when it comes to meeting new people in a non-convention context.

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25 Nov 2009 - 12:5123043
If it wasn't for my job, i wouldn't have really fallen in with a cosplay crowd!

It had been an interest for a while but when I got my job the first staff meeting was half 'lets all get to know the new girl' so I mentioned Anime a little- at which point the other staff mentioned that the staff member I'd replaced was a cosplayer! So I looked him up at a ReCon and I got into his crowd. His was the one and only Fishyfins, in case you were wondering.

That really helped in me being open with it at work because all of my friends at the time thought it was stupid. Knowing my colleagues weren't phased was a huge relief. My manager even knows others from his hometown who are also cosplayers! Then again, there is the occasional joke, but thats common n he workplace I assume

25 Nov 2009 - 15:1923049
I don’t hide my geeky pursuits from my co-workers but I don’t actively talk about them unless someone actually asks. Which usually happens at some point as my PC desktop at work is normally anime themed.
I have several close friends who I might not have met had it not been for us finding out we were fellow anime fans at work.

26 Nov 2009 - 02:4323072
I've been very open about it. After all it is part of me. It did even help me get a job a while back as the manager thought I had very interesting interests.

I'm still very cagey about who I'll tell though. If they is someone in the same work place who is a but of arse about it then I won't tell them.

So far I've had no probs.

27 Nov 2009 - 16:2023121
I work at CeX too (here's looking at you, Ryukredapples =O), and I'm sort of respected for the hobby in my store. I'm usually the one that arranges Halloween/Children in Need etc. dress-up events, and people come to me with similar costuming questions too, which I love.

My old CeX manager even stalks my Facebook, because I 'always have the interesting pictures!'.

So yeah, it's pretty awesome for me. I think it's down to what your working environment is really, but CeX is just one of those places. Everyone who works there has their quirks, and that's just one of mine. Lucky for me, it's something I'm well loved for ^^;

27 Nov 2009 - 22:0523149
At university, I was very open to my cosplaying hobbies. All my uni friend knew half of the stuff I get up to at Expos and they thought that cosplayers are very talented and brave. I suppose it's a natural thing for uni students to have house, pubs or dress up parties, especially if they are living away from home, so I guess they did not make fun out of me.

A total different story at work! My job position is a purchasing admin assistant & I share an office with 6 other staff members. I'm not ashamed of my cosplaying hobbies and would love to share it, however 2 of my colleauges are very religous & they have strict rules about dressing up, so I had no choice but to hide it otherwise they will throw bitchy comments about the way I dress.
There was once a lady who worked in my office and just before she got sacked, she was always wearing natural wigs since she liked to change her hairstyle often, then my other colleagues bitched behind her back whilst laughing at her. This automatically made me thought that cosplayers wear wigs, I'm a cosplayer, so are you going to bitch at me?

On the other note, the stock controller at my work place loves video games and he is really into Final Fantasy, then I have another colleauge in my office saying he is child-ish for going on his video games often & expected me to agree with her, but in my mind I kept on repeating... "I play video games too, so are you saying I'm a kid aswell???"

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