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24 Nov 2009 - 17:1422995
ATTENTION: Calling all cosplayers!
Hello good people of Cosplay Island.

I am looking for any cosplayers who would be available to model for me over the next two weeks and can travel to Liverpool.

I don't have the funds to pay but I will give a copy of the photos I take.

If anyone is interested please PM me ASAP to make the suitable arrangements.

Thank you.

24 Nov 2009 - 17:2422996
What's this for?
Do you mind what cosplays people use?
Where will it be?

I'm in the general Liverpool area, but getting their ain't the cheapest...

24 Nov 2009 - 17:4322998
I'm doing this for college work and to build up my portfolio in general.
I haven't exactly chosen a spot to do the photoshoot yet but once I do I will post it here as soon as I can.
As for what type of cosplay I don't really mind, in fact anyone who is interested should let me know what sort of stuff you do.

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