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23 Nov 2009 - 12:4722943
Lycra/Zentai Suit help!
I'm stuck already and I haven't even really started my next cosplay!

Was looking into Milanoo.com for a Zentai suit to use as a base for Jenova (see my "Costumes"and since it said "customizing" could be done I emailed to investigate, as I need it without the face, since I'm not very skilled with a needle (I don't even have a sewing machine!- no room in the flat!) and don't want to wreck the whole thing (it's lycra/spandex) before I start trying to modify it myself.

Unfortunatly they've replied to say that their suppliers are too busy to take customizing requests right now and don't know when they'll be able to offer that service again so it looks like i'll have to buy the suit and (attempt) to do it myself.

Therefore, has anyone any hints/ tips for a novice on how I might be able to remove the face of the suit myself?

23 Nov 2009 - 13:1822944
If you havent already orderd you costume I recomend this company-
i got my catsuit for Rose-street fighter from them earlier in the year. they will customize the catsuit for you in several ways at no additional cost.
theyre cheap, good quality and quick (my whole transaction including delivery was around 14days)
also theyre really good at keeping in touch, i must have asked like 50 questions,and they answerd them all really clearly ^^

Hope thats of some help.

~smarter than your average idiot!~
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