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21 Nov 2009 - 08:0122848
ZACK FAIR wig for sale
Hello lovelies,

I've started doing wig commissions, but also am selling my old Zack Fair wig, for just £20 + p+p. Pretty reasonable, you say?

Anyway, it looks like this:

except, not quite so shiny as I had just given it a fresh coat of hairspray for good luck and the flash was on way too high. But you get the jist!

For just £20, this could be yours!

And you know what? Buy this and I'll throw in a %20 discount on your next commission from me, whether it be a prop, wig or costume! (you can find out more about all that at my dA journal, my uname is z-ex)

//We are the Icari // We are the ones that fly too high//

Next costumes - Kitacon III -

Albert Wesker
Leon S. Kennedy
Carlos Olivera
10 Jan 2010 - 21:1125172
I'm just wondering is this still avaliable?

"Join the Sora Abuse Awareness Charity Today and protect Sora from Fangirls and other's who wish to abuse him, with a dontation of only £1 we can protect Sora so that he can protect us all from the Heartless"
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