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09 Nov 2009 - 19:1022255
Christmas Meet 19th December
Hi guys, I'm new to Cosplay Island but have met some of you before on deviantart or the MCM forums where I go as setsu-no-Kai ^^

Anyways, onto business!

Some friends and myself are planning a Christmas meet on the 19th of December at the Tokyo Toys in the Trocedero shopping centre near Picadilly Circus. Later we'll be moving round, mainly to Hyde Park where we know there's another group but we're actaully meeting each other at Tokyo Toys.
Try to get there for 11am-12pm if you can and wear cosplay from any series whether it be casual or full costume, just as long as it's Christmas-y ^^
Bring money for food as we'll be eating out, though we don't know where yet (open to suggestions) and according to bunneh (don't know if he has an account here) 'The meet will end when we want it to end' but of course we understand if you have to get home for something or have a longer distance to travel.

So far we're expecting quite a few people, bunneh said 25 yesterday but I'm not sure if he was exagerating or not XD

Anyway, if you want to come and/or want more info please say so so we have an idea of how many people will be coming!

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