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09 Nov 2009 - 16:5822250
Little change might make big difference
Hi guys,
to the developers of this site - good job.

I have a small change I would really like to see happen here.

I really enjoy planning a costume so the "to do list" was excellent for me, I like the priority choice but I would really like to be able to sort the tasks into a logical order, more specifically chronological order.
Also I would like to have a notes section on each task so that I can plan how I will achieve each task and make notes as to how much this would cost, how long it will take, what worries I have etc... about 500 chars ought do.
Extending from this it would be fantastic if each task could then be commented on by other users, one of the things I like to do most is discuss how I will make something so this will fit the bill perfectly.

Hopefully i'm not the only person who would like this!
I understand that the comment part might not be plausible and the sorting into order might require some effort, but adding the notes would be pretty simple (I have been working with a Drupal based site for a short while so whilst I have a good idea about how it works I only have the generic knowledge of the system - not specifically yours. Although I am interested to find out!)

Also some buttons have not been loading for me - as I write this the preview and submit buttons are blank.


Duck! - As a defensive strategy it's unreliable, but it's incredibly reasurring if only for a little while.
10 Nov 2009 - 07:1722288
Oooo good idea, i like the priority setting on the to-do list but a mix of this and chronlogical listing could be really useful xxx

27 Nov 2009 - 20:2823135
Do any admins read these posts?

If not, please start.

Duck! - As a defensive strategy it's unreliable, but it's incredibly reasurring if only for a little while.
27 Nov 2009 - 21:0023139
Firstly, let me answer the original question with my opinion of it.

I tend to use the priority list AS a Chronological list, why could you not do so? Instead of thinking "Hmm, that shirt really is the most important part of the cosplay, that should be top priority", think "The sword is the first thing I am going to start making, so I'll make that my top priority"?

Could you not then have it in chronological order by using the Priority list in that way? Especially if you then combine that with the journal to post up what you've done in which order.

Secondly, I have issues with your second post.

Can I point out that all members of CosplayIsland staff have lives outside of CosplayIsland as well. It's not like we get paid for doing this, in fact, some of the admins pay out of their own pocket to keep this site running...so that kind of response to a thread that hasn't been replied to instantly is right out of order in my opinion.

I for one have been exceptionally busy lately and I know for a fact that several of the other members of staff are having quite important personal things going on right now and yet the site is still running extremely well with situations on here being dealt with and updates being carried out.

CosplayIsland Staff Member

09 Dec 2009 - 02:5123614
Hi there,

As I am new to the site I hadn't had much chance to experiment with all the features yet. There are no instructions or the like that I could find (sorry if there are some, could you direct me to them if there are) so I wasn't aware the order of to-do list items could be changed at all.

I have had a play about with the to-do list and found out how the priority and progression variables affect the order of the list.

While the way it currently works is great for shorter lists I would like to make a longer and more detailed list, and be able to discuss the processes of making a costume better. A list like this one HERE shows what I mean, it could do with better detail. By combining Journal like components, the to-do list could really be something special.

Whilst I'm aware administrators have lives outside of their websites, I also am disappointed to see that after almost 3 weeks I didn't get a reply to my suggestion and then you only replied when you thought I was insulting the admins. I meant my post in jest, obviously it is difficult to imply humour in plain text. Sorry if you thought otherwise.

Duck! - As a defensive strategy it's unreliable, but it's incredibly reasurring if only for a little while.
09 Dec 2009 - 04:0423615
Does it disappoint you even more that it's taken a whole month now before the actual developer (me) has read this?

I can assure you other people on the staff will have read your messages but when it comes to site suggestions usually we just read them, make a note of them and discuss them when I find time to do some development on the site. Basically meaning a lot of suggestions won't receive a reply but we're thinking about them.

In terms of what you've suggested, I doubt I'd implement exactly as you've suggested but it does give me some ideas that fit in with what we've been thinking about with to-do lists anyway.

To-do lists and journals are the two newest features on the site, and I think for the most part they've been a big success so hopefully we can start adding to them.

Can't give you a time frame on that since it largely comes down when I can fit it alongside other commitments but we'll see what we can do.

12 Dec 2009 - 20:0823727
Hi Perrin,

Glad to hear that my suggestion has been seen, I didn't realise how active the admins of this site were. I hope you can see where I'm coming from that without any feedback I didn't know it had been spotted.

The to-do lists and journal really are good, I am totally not trying to put them down at all.

I would really like to hear what you plan for the website as I am always interested in website development.


Duck! - As a defensive strategy it's unreliable, but it's incredibly reasurring if only for a little while.
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