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08 Nov 2009 - 22:5822205
Winx Club UK
I realise I'm probably going to get heckled for this but what can I say....I'm a magical girl fan.

But yeh, my friend Bexi and I are looking to form a UK based Winx Club cosplay team (preferably if you live in the London/Kent area so meet ups will be easy) and plan to do their casual outfits and subsequent Winx power ups.

We're looking for boys and villains too.

The plan is to get the group together, takes some pics with the intent to contact Iginio Straffi to become in the UK what the Winx Power Tour is in Italy. To be an advertising tool for them, to what end I do not know but thought it would be an interesting goal for the group.

Hopefully also to do charity events and kids events.

Looking for cosplayers age 14-20 preferably with some experience in the craft as some of the later transformations are technically challenging.

Also, we will not finance your costumes and this group may prove to be financially demanding. So we stress, do not apply lightly. Once a character is taken, unless that person wishes to swap that is it.

Thank you for your time.

Bloom - Bexi
Stella - Available
Flora - Charlie
Musa - Available
Tecna - Available
Aisha/Layla - Available
Roxy - Available

Sky - Available
Brandon - Available
Helia - Available
Riven - Available
Timmy - Available
Nabu - Available

Icy - Available
Darcy - Available
Stormy - Available


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