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07 Nov 2009 - 23:4522098
advice please
ok im thinking of making a Mokujin cosplay for the next london expo but i dont how i should start it so yea im pretty much asking how i should go about making the main body, head etc and out of what materials
(ref image below)


thank you in advance

16 Nov 2009 - 15:5322645
Wow! Quite an impressive costume there!
My advice would be to make it in sections using large sheets of funky foam, which can then be covered with material and textured or painted.
It will be lightweight, flexible and easy to move around in. You can also sew funky foam very easily on a sewing machine, it's like a knife going through butter
I'm using a very similar technique and have used it a few times in the past and it holds up and works very well. Hope this helps a bit.

17 Nov 2009 - 13:3322681
I have considered making this costume myself in the past so I have looked in to how I would make it. But given the ever increasing list of costumes, it's unlikely I'll ever get around to it so I'll happily give you my thoughts.

I considered that there were a few ways to go about making it.

Main body:

One material is plasicard or something similar. It needs to be flexible so it can be bend round and secured with velcro or something similar to create a tube.

Alternatively there is plastazote which is like a thicker version of funky foam. It will be more confortable to wear than plasitcard as it's foam and it can also be heated to shape it.

Both would be secured with velcro or similar method and each piece should then be removable and fold flat for easy transportation.

The wood effect:

One way would be to glue on wood effect wallpaper or floor liner on to the surface of the plasitcard or plastazote.

Alternatively, I did think that the Ronseal paint and grain kits may work. They are designed to give a grain look to any surface so in theory should work on plastic. The plastazote would need to be covered with something to make it non-porous like PVA glue. This method was just a result of my research at the time and I haven't tried it. But feel free to experiment.

As for the hand ball, you can get polystrene balls that big. Coat in PVA glue to remove the patterning and then paint.

With a costume this complicated you will probably have to employ some poetic licence in order to be able to move in it.

But I hope that's useful for you.

Somehow it's reassuring knowing I'm not the only one pretending to be normal

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