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07 Nov 2009 - 20:2722080
Where to Find These Type of Stockings?
Hi hi everyone, I am new here

I was wondering where I'd get these stockings from. I've searched all over the net and the closet thing I can find are something called Toe Toe OTK Toe Socks...and I don't want toe socks lol. here

It's my first time cosplaying and posting so I hope I have the right section I am planning on being either kasumi (lol yes I know generic ), a maid (lol cliche?), or a japanese school girl (haha). It's my first time as I mentioned so I didn't want to do anything too over the top and like school has been swamping me so yea

here are links to the stockings I was mentioning. Hopefully someone knows where to buy the EXACT same ones (hopefully the place will have a variety of colours hehe), cause I really love the look, material, and shine on them And they're so anime like lol <3
stockings 01A
stockings 01B
stockings 01C

stockings 02A
stockings 02B

stockings 03A
stockings 03B

hopefully someone knows

Thanks in advance!!!!

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07 Nov 2009 - 21:1822083
Hi welcome to CI; hope you have fun here!

I can't help you find what you're after i'm afraid, (what with never having considered something like that myself)
but I can say if you need help finding things for a cosplay, you'd likely be better with this topic being in the "General Costume Help and Critique" subforum, given more of the helpful people hang around in there.

I guess the other alternative beyond trying google for sites/shops, is if you know the name/website of cosplayers those pictures are cropped down from to maybe try emailing or PMing them on the respective site(s)? Cosplayers tend to be fairly nice about helping others out for bits and pieces ^^

Hopefully someone else can help you out with this one soon though

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07 Nov 2009 - 21:5722085
ah thanks for the suggestion! But I'm afraid I'll get um...flamed at lol cause I am posting twice? like 2 threads of the same thing in 2 different places? But I'd like to know the answer to my burning question asap lol...and I tried posting another forum but ugh you have to get the Mod to approve of it and I'm not sure if it was approved or not and the sections are so confusing and stuff lol...so I guess I'll give it a try.


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