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05 Nov 2009 - 17:4321870
Final Fantasy III group?
Hello there everyone! I know this is probably the bazillionth FF thread on the forums but what the hell, I'll ask around anyway

Myself and a friend have decided that we shall be cosplaying Refia and Arc (respectively) the DS version of Final Fantasy III in May and thought that it would be awesome if we could get a larger group than just us two. XD
Anyone and EVERYONE is welcome to join! New characters! Same characters! They're all acceptable, so long as they're FFIII based - hell, even Dissidia versions would be awesome. We haven't yet decided what day we'll go on but until I think of whether I'm gonna do another costume it's best to assume we'll be wandering around on the Saturday. No plans to enter the masquerade or anything like that, but if you'd like to join in with us and be mad then that's ok 8D
(and of course, we'll probably get swept away into the larger groups anyway )

Hope to hear from some people soon!

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