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13 Nov 2009 - 13:3822460
o0o this sounds interesting!! if it's not too late i'll help out ^_^ been playing games since i was 7...so that's like 14 year O.o *feels old* and i'm doing game design at uni so if you need help with it let me know ^_^ sounds like a good idea

13 Nov 2009 - 16:3522464
¬_¬ I'm not very happy with the sexist call of duty thing what was posted, it isn't funny in the slightest, you’re one of the reasons I have made this magazine because of immature little boys like you!
And yes if you have friends who are girls I am very happy for them to do questionnaires and such ^__^
And to the new people who have commented thank you! And also returning people if you want to help out with new stuff keep reading to the bottom of this post ^_^
I am currently producing the front cover of the magazine; I spend a long time because I am very picky lol! I have to get everything perfect before I will even think of moving to doing articles inside... which I have started slightly, I’ve just done rough ideas what I want it to look like to see if it would work out, but this is where I need you to come in again. Voting on a female character, I am going to have an article, like a featured spotlight for a female character, so here is the list for you to vote!
Please pick only one, I know it might be hard to pick but it’s not as if it is YOUR only favourite character, remember it’s just for the spotlight for the first issue. If I could publish these every month all of these girls and more would be featured lol!

Thank you again.

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider
Aeris/Aerith Gainsborough from FFVII
Tifa Lockheart from FFVII
Rinoa Heartilly from FFVIII
Garnet/Dagger Alexandros from FFIX
Yuna Braska from FFX/FFX-2
Rikku from FFX/FFX-2
Jill Valentine from Resident Evil
Claire Redfield from Resident Evil
Rayne from Blood Rayne
Princess Peach from Mario
Zelda from The Legend of Zelda
Regina from Dino Crisis
Trish from Devil May Cry
Polka from Eternal Sonata
Alessa from Silent Hill
Heather from Silent Hill
Faith Connors from Mirror's Edge
Meryl Silverburgh from MGS
Naomi Hunter from MGS
Chun-Li from Street Fighter


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13 Nov 2009 - 17:0422465
I'm going to have to go with Garnet/Dagger Alexandros from FFIX

(though Peach was tempting )

13 Nov 2009 - 17:2722466
Quote letmelive:
¬_¬ I'm not very happy with the sexist call of duty thing what was posted, it isn't funny in the slightest


On another note, I can't believe you don't have Chun Li on your list of female game characters - she's been my hero ever since I started playing games! And no Samus? Polka but none of the other (better!) female characters from Eternal Sonata?

I'll stop nitpicking now XD

I'll answer your questionnaire and get it back to you shortly, letmelive - unfortunately I had to format my hard drive and reinstall my OS recently so that's gotten in the way somewhat.

Cara bell', cara mia bella, mia bambina, o ciel!

Sillabub Cosplay on Facebook
13 Nov 2009 - 17:5522470
Hey there sorry about that I set up a group on facebook and they were everyone that was mentioned so for research crappy reasons I had to choose who they wanted as evidence I'm putting in things my target audience want... V_V

Andd it's fine just do it whenever you can I've got till December 15th or something to hand everything in ^_^

So who you voting for ;D


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13 Nov 2009 - 18:1422471
Can I vote for Chun Li even though she's not on the list? Cos really, if you ask me to name who I think the best female games character of all time is then there's no contest!

Cara bell', cara mia bella, mia bambina, o ciel!

Sillabub Cosplay on Facebook
13 Nov 2009 - 19:1822473
don't mind dm

he's already been told off for that image

guess karma got him though- he cut his hand open with a saw- get well soon dm!

In the words of pilz-e the squirel- "Run from the burning eyes of the angry lady!"
13 Nov 2009 - 19:2522474
Hmmm, I was torn between Regina, Alessa, Heather and Meryl, but I think that if I had to pick one then it's Alessa.


13 Nov 2009 - 19:4122476
I vote Dagger of FFIX

13 Nov 2009 - 21:0522480
LOL I will add Chun Li for you ^_^ and thanks guys x


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13 Nov 2009 - 21:2922481
Dagger FFIX all the way 8D

13 Nov 2009 - 22:0922485
I think maybe Terra from FFVI should be on there as she is pretty much the main character of the game even though she's not as well known as Tifa and the others ^_^

I'd vote for her, but if you don't want any others added (the list is pretty huge!! XD) then I'll go for Princess Zelda because she's been around for yonks and I remember playing TLOZ on the brick gameboy when I was younger trying to save her and she looks epic ^_^

13 Nov 2009 - 22:1922490
I'm going to shock all and say Chun Li from Street Fighter |D She was always my childhood favourite!
(I bet most people would think I'd pick Garnet/Dagger, but she's second favourite ;P)

13 Nov 2009 - 22:2922491
oh and here's my questionnaire ^_^ hope it's of some use!!

1) What is your full name? Sarah Green

2) How old are you? 20

3) In what country do you live? (If England please state region/county) Middlesex, England

4) Do you think a girls gaming magazine is a good idea? (Please state why)
I think it's a great idea as there is hardly any inbetween magazine for girls, it's either really aimed at guys or for kids/girls under 12 so there really isn't anything for teenage girls upwards which isn't pink and fluffy.

5) Do you think the war/army genre is a good theme for the very first issue of this magazine?
yes because it makes it less obviously aimed at girls and isn't pink I think you should focus on fighting games aswell as they're usually aimed at guys, but I love them

6) What articles would you like to see in this magazine?
Game reviews, maybe an article on a classic retro game like Metroid or Super Mario, games soon to be released/their release dates, if you could get an email sent to a female in a game company as a little interview for her to fill out I think that'd be a really good article and it'd make you look really good when you teacher looks at it and sees that you've asked professionals too ^_^

7) What is your favourite games console?
Playstation (1 2 + 3) although I love my DS too, but playstation have always had an amazing selection of games

8) What games consoles do you own? (this can include Nintendo DS)
Long list >< PS3, PS2, PS1, XBOX 360, XBOX, Wii, Gamecube, ds, psp, Snes, Sega megadrive...

9) What is your favourite genre of game?
RPG! I love stories within games I also like action/adventure and RTS games Final fantasy, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Harvest Moon, Pokémon, Diablo 2, Age of Empires kinda stuff

10) Do you think a major game’s company should publish a gamer girl’s magazine?

11) Do you think the name of the magazine “Controlled” is suitable for the magazine?
Yeah i love it

12) How many years have you been gaming?
About 14 ^_^

13) How much do you spend on gaming magazines a year? (A rough estimate)
£50ish maybe? It's not alot at the moment as my boyfriend bought me a 3 month subscription to Edge in January and they're still sending them to me even though the subscription has run out and no one is being charged :S
<3 the person at Edge who is pretty much giving me free magazines XD *shhh*

14) How much do you spend on games a year? (A rough estimate)
AHHHH! easily £200, not in one go obviously but as games are more expencive now you get less for your money. Most AAA games which come out are at least £35 if not more

15) Are you subscribed to any gaming magazines? If so how much do you pay, how long have subscribed to that magazine for and the name of it?
See above XD

16) Do you pay to play games online? If so how much do you pay yearly?
No, although I'll see if Blizzard change the rules for Diablo 3 when it comes out as Diablo 2 was free to play online, even though WoW wasn't Diablo 3 looks too epic not to pay for >.<

13 Nov 2009 - 22:3622492
I'm gonna have to vote Princess Peach, its a CRIME if I dont :3

14 Nov 2009 - 14:0122518
Rinoa Heartilly- FFVIII

(although Jill Valentine comes a very close second lol)

14 Nov 2009 - 17:5622529
I'm interested

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14 Nov 2009 - 18:4322536
Thank you to everyone who has voted so far, as mentioned before there is alot of females missing from the list but I had to include the characters people mentioned earlier to show I am listening to my audience.

Thank you the questionnaire, the results for the female character spotlight will be revealed this Monday coming up ^___^!



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17 Nov 2009 - 17:2822683
Ok sorry about not posting who the winner would be on Monday I have been ill, we are in a tie with Lara Croft, Aeris/Aerith Gainsborough, Tifa Lockheart, Garnet/Dagger Alexandros and Yuna Braska.

Because of this the first female who gets 5 votes will be the winner.


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17 Nov 2009 - 18:2522688
Lara definately

22 Nov 2009 - 19:4422901
The results are in, as I didn't have time to wait on getting 5 votes the person with the most votes first won.

Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough, and I know your probably thinking it is fixed because if you look on the cosplays I want to do and know me you, you will know I love her.

But no she won without me voting and all yous and facebook people who have joined my vote.

Work on the magazine is slow because I don't have the editing software on my computer so it all has to get done at school.


"Home could be anywhere when I am holding you...♥"
07 Dec 2009 - 16:2723535
If you still need help, I'm in for whatever.

I live in Norway, the girl gamer community here is riddiculously small... Even so, I've been gaming all my life, not partial to one genre in particular. If you think I could be useful somehow, I'd be glad to give you a hand.

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03 Feb 2010 - 22:0926676
This sounds like a really good idea 8D
It is kinda sad that magazines tend to target men when it comes to gaming. I know it can be seen as Uni-Sex, but I've never found too much appeal in the game magazines.
But then again, the other side there's girls magazines... too much pink, make up, clothes and people telling girls that the only way they'll get a man is if they buy these products :/ Again, that might be my own messed up perception xD
But still, I'm really interested in this idea ^^ What have you come up with so far? Or have I missed out and it's all sorted ^^'

05 Feb 2010 - 13:0726768
sounds awesome


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21 Feb 2010 - 01:5527545
Sorry for the huge delay in me for not commenting back but, my teachers are annoying and still haven't given me my offical mark. Apparently they've been to busy, this means we could of had our coursework given back with improvements we could of done to get a better mark ¬_¬ But anyway I shouldn't complain to much, my mark is apparently aaaaa.....


So thanks to everyone who helped, I will probably put photos of what I used for the magazine, bearing in mind I had to make two versions because I got told at the last minute I wasn't allowed to use photos I hadn't phyically took. Which sucks, thats even after getting permission off you all, so I still went ahead and put you's all in, I just wrote this is what I wanted it to look like if it was an offical magazine


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