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04 Nov 2009 - 13:2121793
Sailor Mercury costume for sale
Hi all

I'm selling my Sailor Mercury costume:
Sailor Mercury

Reason being: it ain't gonna fit me ever again!

It's an old, old costume so it's not the best made thing ever, which is why I'm only asking £15 for it. Mostly I need the space.

What you'll get:
Sailor dress (bought leotard with attached skirt)
Sailor collar with attached front bow
Waistband with attached back bow
Boot covers (not great, but I'll toss them in anyway) - designed to go over size 6 boots but with some stretch

What you won't get:
Tiara (it died)

It's all lycra, but the leotard base is a size 3 which is designed for a size 8-10. A small 12 might be able to fit into it, but probably no larger.

Sold as is, although I'll go over it and check that all the poppers for holding the bows up are in place and if not, replace them, plus check over any stitching etc.

If interested please PM me. I'd prefer Paypal payment or cash on pickup from London.

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