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02 Nov 2009 - 23:4621692
What happens to the photos you take?
Readings the threads of people here searching for their own Expo photos and because of past experience, I really want to ask this: what do you do with the photos you take at a con/expo?

With me, if I cosplay and ten people ask me for a photo, I'd be lucky if I see a single one uploaded to the related forums. At the expo just past, for example, quite a few people took photos of me and I have yet to see any appearing anywhere.

Then I start wondering, what do people do with the photos if they don't upload and share them? Do they just keep it on their computers to look at once in a while...? Not sharing, for personal use only?

Of course nobody's obliged to upload photos and I'm analysing this too far but I'm still getting a creepy feeling about the whole thing...

03 Nov 2009 - 00:1221695
after i take a photo... well what i do is go through them make sure there the right side up on the computer and take out the blurry ones.(as you do)

I'll put most of whats left on youtube. (If you really care and want to see i use the same name on youtube there's just no space in the middle.) if it's not that probably some other site i'm on... this one.

but still if there's anything left over it will show up once a day on the screen saver which is just a slide show of everything in the my pictures folder.

eventually the photo's life will be ended when the computer dies. unless of course it has made it to here or youtube or any other internet site.

so yeah that's the life and times of a photo taken by me.

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03 Nov 2009 - 00:2521698
Quote Pez:

With me, if I cosplay and ten people ask me for a photo, I'd be lucky if I see a single one uploaded to the related forums. At the expo just past, for example, quite a few people took photos of me and I have yet to see any appearing anywhere.

yeah i got that feeling. I could barely walk through the expo as cloud for the amount of people who came up to asking me this

*tap tap*... hug... photo... hug. photo. photo, hug, photo, photo of hug photo hug photo photophotohugphotophoto.

the trouble was by the time i had done one person 2 more had shown up. and i was pretty sure a coach load of final fantasy fangirls showed up at one point all wanting my picture.

so how much of me was splattered over the internet...

sod all.

there are 4 photo's of me i have found but i wasn't the main part of the image at the time i was just kinda in shot. only 1 image found was actually involving me.

it's not like i'm paranoid i'm being stalked or something. So i wouldn't mind seeing that other people might have bumped into me at expo.

so yeah i think pez raises a good point.

I predict that the world will end at half past six. what i don't know is exactly when.
03 Nov 2009 - 05:3021705
How many people who take your picture do you think frequents cosplay/event forums?

I suspect most people just keep the photos on their computer like they do with all the other photos they take.

I take photos solely to post them online though.

You could do what some people are starting to do which is: ask the person taking the photo where the photos will end up, but I suspect it may be a bit difficult when you get photographed by 10 different people at the same time.

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03 Nov 2009 - 09:4121708
I had loads of photos taken of me this past expo, but aint seen any of them.

Some of them were working with tv and others were just random people.

I dont mind having photos taken and people keeping them. But if they do come on the forums they could at least say that have them.

All of mine happen to be done by pouncy who is the guy who dressed in the tight lycra all the time.

But a lot of people who dont live in this country get pictures and take them back home and just add them to stuff on their computers.

Me? I take Photos to put them up on facebook, here and MCM Forums, I like to know who I look photos of.

03 Nov 2009 - 10:0421710
I guess there are lots of other visitors to Expo as well, and they don't really use the websites, though this happens to me at cons too. Guess I'm just unlucky then!

Really, photos taken at events probably aren't the best for the costume (less control over lighting, people randomly walking into the picture, hard to find a place to pose without getting in other people's way, hard to protect one's weapon from the crowds) and I could ask friends to help me take pictures in private... but I love event photos anyway. If I find myself in an online album somewhere with lots of other cosplay photos, I can say "hey look I was there too, attending the same event with all these awesome people!"

03 Nov 2009 - 10:3821712
I take photos because I like the cosplay and I want to remember it. That's all. I think if I kept all my photos boxed up on my computer then, well, it'd be boring. I'd much rather post them online so others can see them and be happy to spot themselves.

It's a whole "treat thy neighbour" thing because I like scanning albums to try and spot myself, and so it'a nice for others to do the same. So yeah. I'm lucky, I only got a few pictures taken of me and I've found almost every single one. If anyone wants to see the photos I took, just ask ^^

03 Nov 2009 - 12:2521721
all my cosplay oics work their way to


03 Nov 2009 - 12:3421723
My photos, I tend to forget about them for a week or two, then finally get inspired! I post the ones of me and my partner (sometimes also close friends) on my DeviatArt. Specific ones of me will also end up here under the respective costume, and finally, I post the whole album to my facebook.

Ive never made a youtube vid/slideshow but I am tempted...

Also I have recently made a flickr so I can also put photos up there for everyone to see

03 Nov 2009 - 12:4021725
I tend to upload the ones of me to the related costume thing and deviantart then add all of the pictures I took to my facebook (minus all the blurry ones)

03 Nov 2009 - 13:1321726
I upload all my pics to Facebook shortly after an event. Usually loads of the people don't know/haven't added get tagged straight away. I will then put those pics on the FB group for the event, which results in more tagging.

The thing I like about FB tagging is that you will know the person has seen the pic, since they will be sent a notification.

Not everyone is on Facebook though, so I do try to upload my pics to Photobucket as well. When I do this I will then put the link on the forum of the event's webpage (or sometimes Cosplay Island as well), but my Photobucket needs a lot of updating as the moment

03 Nov 2009 - 22:2821763
if i think theyre good enough, then they go online.
and usually in the relevant forum.
flickr, facebook, deviantart and event forums are the usual places.

if whoever i took a photo of contacts me and asks for a copy, i do my best to give them that.

in the past i have lost photos due to combined hardware and backup failure, and so those unlucky enough to have their photos in that lot are unlikely to ever see them.

if the photos are bad, for whatever reason, then theyre unlikely to ever see the light of day, anywhere.

i shoot film as well, but the process [and cost] of that is very slow. so the whole turn around on that is very long and drawn out.

i also have a hectic work schedule which often means i cannot work on the photos until long after the event has been and gone.

sometimes months go past because of that and the amount of time photo editing and processing takes.

doing it professionally, the turn around time is different, and shorter, and i'd have a deadline to hit.
but then again, i get paid for that.

unless i'm being paid for cosplay photography [which i'm not] then it gets a lower priority i'm afraid [Hey, man, I got five kids to feed!].

i have had seemingly random people ask for the photos, to which i politely decline. its also a bit of a weird request.

03 Nov 2009 - 22:5821769
Quote markthetog:
i shoot film as well, but the process [and cost] of that is very slow. so the whole turn around on that is very long and drawn out.

Ah! Are you Mark who was with Cat_Cat at Ayacon? If you are, we met there and you took pictures of me! But Cat_Cat mentioned that you do things on film which take a long long time. And another friend also mentioned you're always very, very busy! So if they're still in the pipeline that's okay, and thanks for taking the pics in the first place!

03 Nov 2009 - 23:0621771
haha, yup!
yeah, for that reason i'm slowing up on the film side - its just too much to do, ie. you pay for processing, printing and scanning [which often isnt that good anyway].
and at 15 shots per roll [medium format 120 film, £25 a roll], out of which you might get 5 keepers, it adds up.

yes, i think one or two of them worked out.
was the other friend lina?
i shot digital as well, so i'll have a look again when i get home [still at work..].

for the film ones, they actually got printed, but i think cat might have them... i have to check...
the lab messed up and didnt scan them though, so i dont have a digital version of them yet.

will update you!

i think i saw you at oct expo.. but you were really far away, well too far for me to run to..!

ha, i should thank you for allowing me to take pics of you!
[well, i presume i did at the time..!]

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03 Nov 2009 - 23:3221772
Gosh, that's really really expensive! I'm shocked but not surprised, having seen the sort of camera equipment you carried with you. I've always known film can take a long time because my dad used to develop his own photos at home, but now that I've seen the numbers I'm even more appreciative of what you do. I hope other cosplayers feel the same too.

Yeah it's Lina. XD Such a small world! (To this day I still don't know how I made the connection... one day, lightning flashed in my head and I suddenly decided that Cat and Lina must know each other. XD)

Thanks, there's no hurry so just give me a poke whenever!

XD I totally missed you! Maybe next time I'll PM you before an event and see if you're also going?

03 Nov 2009 - 23:4421774
hehe, i havent developed anything myself for years! *shrivels up nose at memories of the smells*

Oh, its not very much compared to the effort and time i see cosplayers [such as yourself] put into their costumes and props! i often worry that i can't take a decent shot of all the hard work!

haha! yes, very small world!
i didn't know you knew Lina till Cat pointed it out, and i only know Lina through Cat! *its a complicated small world!*

lol! yes yes, thats a good idea! I'll be sure to catch you then!

04 Nov 2009 - 19:3321823
I shoot film as well. I confess, I have two lots of prints from the May Expo still waiting to be scanned D: *fail* The cost of getting them put on CD these days at the photolab is so extortionate but I really ought to admit to myself that I don't have time to sit there and scan 'em all in of an evening and cough up the money for the lab to do it for me!

06 Nov 2009 - 03:1321935
I sort of hope that people will see all the great cosplay costume in the photos and be inspired to make their own costumes and join in too. Too many people grow up/out of cosplay so it is good to see new faces (as well as the experienced cosplay faces).

People are making so many amazing cosplay costumes now days too. Plus to be honest if there are no photos I'd just totally forget events ever happened in a couple of days.

I try to get the photos on to flickr as soon a possible (hopefully the night/early morning after the conference). I've noticed that the photos are most popular within a couple of days of the event and then the statistics quickly drop off.

I really only like to upload good photos of people which I hope the person will be pleased to be in. However sometimes I just can't capture the moment (or stuff up technically) and I don't upload any photos of a cosplayer... then I feel bad thinking they might be looking for photos of themselves. This is pretty much why I just tell people to look on flickr for photos when asked as someone else might get a brilliant photo of their costume. Always good to see the other regular cosplay photographers at the various events to cover my back!!

08 Nov 2009 - 22:3822198
I put all my shots up on Flickr (4500 and counting)- sharing is caring

As I tend to take 700-800 shots a weekend at a Con I have to batch process them, so sometimes the imperfections remain. When someone buys their shot and I can then take some time to make it perfect, which is nice for me as I can get creative at that point

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