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29 Oct 2009 - 20:4721508
Who should I cosplay as???
I have a few ideas but feedback on who to pick and help picking and maybe suggestions on who else to consider

I have ideas about Kankuro TS, Kimimaro or Neji TS.

I would really appreciate any help, so thanks in advance for suggestions help ect


29 Oct 2009 - 23:2921511
honestly it depends on what you want your outcome to be, do you want to cosplay as a favourite charry or do you want to cosplay as a character cause its a challenge for you. you shouldnt get people to give you an idea who to cosplay as then again you could go as a group

30 Oct 2009 - 00:1921514
Go with your heart!

What is a man?
30 Oct 2009 - 01:1721515
Quote White Leviathan:
Go with your heart!
+ of the cards


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