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29 Oct 2009 - 10:4921503
Don't suppose anyone got any snaps of me at Oct expo? :/
well,I made the mistake of forgetting my camera on expo weekend, and thus have no pictures whatsoever- and considering that saturday of expo may be the only time I -ever- will be pikachu (my tutu snapped and my makeup got aaaall over the shirt >< I was wondering if anyone may have snapped me? I know I had around 10 to 20 people ask for photos over the weekend...was it you XD

I've been through -every- oct expo album I've been able to find, on cosplayisland,cosplay.com and the expo forums-and so far,only found the neo mag ones I had done, and one that one of my friends took.

On Saturday,I was Pikachu,and I had a pichu with meh(possibly wearing a suit jacket at the time)

On Sunday,I was Maylene/Meirin from Kuroshitsuji, probably linking arms with a Sebastian that we couldn't -quite- straighten the hair of, so it was slightly wavy.

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