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28 Oct 2009 - 01:3921449
London Expo - October 2009 - ML Gallery is up
The latest addition to the ManyLemons gallery is up, for all interested parties.



As usual, feel free to use photos of yourself wherever, and yell at me if you want higher res copies of them, or want them taken down and burnt under a full moon.. or something.

Apologies about many of the Masquerade ones, you do NOT want to hear my thoughts on those flickering LED spotlights on the catwalk

- Nert

28 Oct 2009 - 02:1321450
those lights are about the worst thing ever. if they were wide dispersion they would be ok, but they're stinky narrow beam spots.

28 Oct 2009 - 02:3121452
Thanks so much, you got all the pictures from the One Piece shoot I was looking forward to seeing =D I'm the Davy Back Nami

28 Oct 2009 - 02:3721454
Great shots there, man. I managed to find a couple of me in there.

09 Nov 2009 - 00:1522214
I like the way you captured the ambience, you get a feel for what people were doing.

every time someone builds a new fool-proof system, someone gives birth to a better fool
09 Nov 2009 - 01:4022223
WOW great photos! Congrats for catching me on stage i was on and off like lightning.

~~If You'll Be My Star, I'll Be Your Sky~~
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