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27 Oct 2009 - 17:1121429
cosplay advice plz?
so yea im a newbie at making my own cosplays and was thinking of starting and was wondering if i could get some advice on it and where i should start

i have a couple ideas for a cosplay but i dont know which one to attempt so yea plz help

here is the list of charecters i want to go as but not sure which one to make first

Ace (one piece)

Rapheal (soul calibur)

Astaroth (soul calibur)

Franky (one piece)

the list goes on but these are the ones i would want to go as first so yea plz give me your oppinion on which one i should attempt at making first considering this will be my first cosplay i make myself

27 Oct 2009 - 18:3921436
It depends how confident you are feeling and what sort of skills you have.

Ace is definitely going to be easiest, you could do him from scratch or by modifying clothing. The other three are a lot more complicated. That's not to say you shouldn't try any of them as a first cosplay, but be prepared to put the planning and research into what materials and skills you need to construct them.

Then, of course, if you get stuck with anything, come and ask for advise on the cosplay help forums! Good luck.

27 Oct 2009 - 18:4921437
i agree ace is probably the best to start with because it's best to start off by making something simple

however it does depend when you plan to wear it due to temp etc dont wanna boil or freeze because of how many layers you have on

In the words of pilz-e the squirel- "Run from the burning eyes of the angry lady!"
28 Oct 2009 - 11:1921465
kk thanks for the advice i was thinking of going as ace for the next mcm any way so yea i just wasnt sure so thanks again ill come back if i need so more advice


28 Oct 2009 - 22:2721490
Wearing Armour
I'd like to know the best ways of putting armour together (once the bits and pieces are made or being made that is).
With Rose's costume over this weekend just gone, it was all "tied" together with laces and was a bit too cumbersome even though people think it looked good.

I'm always going to be keen to make the stuff tough so it'll not fall apart when people knock into me, and having read one of the tutorials (which was rather confusing in the way it was described) I'm a tad confused about making the templates from paper/card and putting foam on top. What they were using was "Urathene Form" I think it was called.

PLEASE take note, as a jobseeker my budget is a low one, so right now Wonderflex is out of the question. Even if I thought of Plastazote I'd need a lot of it which would also be costly.

29 Oct 2009 - 01:2321496
hey slim this might help hope it does

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